Timing belt Nissan

New timing belt for Nissan

02 August 2017, 11:28

On Autobutler, we have examined the average price of what it costs to get the timing belt and water pump replaced on a Nissan. The price covers all quotes that were given to Nissan owners and is also an average price across all Nissan car models.

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The timing belt runs all the time when the engine is running and therefore wears out with time. If the belt is worn, it must be replaced as not to snap and damage the engine.

The timing belt kit on a car runs on gears and has the critical function of synchronizing the movements between the valves and pistons.

How does it work?

The engine valves are opened and closed by arms actuated off the camshaft that is rotated by the timing belt. The water pump pumps the coolant around the engine, keeping the engine cool. On some vehicles the timing belt also drives the water pump.

Both the timing belt and the water pump are a part of an integrated system.

Many garages therefore also choose to change both the timing belt and the water pump at the same time, since both wear, and it is inconvenient and more expensive having to change the one part and perhaps the other a half a year later.

For a long time, the general rule has been that the timing belt must be changed every five years or after 120,000 km. But with the advent of new, more durable timing belts, several automakers have extended the recommendation for how much mileage the belt can withstand.

The recommendation today is often a few hundred thousand kilometers before the belt has to be replaced.

By reading the car’s service booklet, you can see how often you should replace your timing belt. Regardless of what it states in the service booklet, or how many kilometers the car has driven, the belt upon inspection should never have cracks on the surface nor should the edges be frayed.

Get the right price

It is actually possible to change the timing belt on your car on your own, but like everything else, it requires that you know what you are doing. The task is a little cumbersome, and if you take you car to the garage, you avoid all the hassle.

Because a replacement of a timing belt requires that one take the engine apart, the garages will offer various estimates of how long it will take.

It is therefore also a good idea to check the individual offers and see how many hours the mechanic must use before the new belt is in place.

It’s easy to get the car to a garage at the right price, when you use Autobutler. The garages associated with our garage portal submit written quotes exclusively once you create a job request through us.

This means that you can easily compare prices and descriptions on the scope of the task.

As a final check before choosing a garage, you can click on autobutler.co.uk and read reviews on the garages. All users of Autobutler have the opportunity to write reviews on the garages that they have used.

Have you bought a used car?

It cannot be stated enough how important it is that you keep a close eye on the car’s timing belt or at least make sure that your mechanic does it.

Once the timing belt snaps, it can cause serious damage to the engine.

If you have purchased or are considering purchasing a used car, make sure to have the seller state when the timing belt was last replaced.

If the seller is unable to do so, then make an agreement in the sales contract that the timing belt is changed before the takeover. In this way you avoid falling into a sad dispute with the previous owner.

Temperature fluctuations

The rubber material that the timing belt is made of can both expand and contract with huge temperature fluctuations.

These ‘shifts’ may over time get the belt surface to crack and in worst case snap. Therefore, you should keep an eye on that the rubber always looks whole and in good shape.

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