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What is the price on a car service for your Renault?

12 June 2019, 09:08

All cars must be serviced. A car service inspection of your Renault helps prevent injuries while minimizing any operational and safety problems. The car's vintage, model and number of kilometers driven determine which kind of servicing is needed.

We have helped you a bit already and calculated the average price of a Renault car service made by workshops affiliated with Autobutler:

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£114 / 22%

Please note that the price of your Renault car service depends on the model and number of kilometers driven.

Keep the warranty

When taking your Renault to service, make sure that the inspection is performed as described in the service manual to maintain the warranty. Workshops affiliated with Autobutler undertake to perform high quality car servicing and will always follow the service manual guidelines unless you ask them to do less work than recommended to save on the workshop bill.

If you choose to drive to an authorized Renault workshop, Renault offers various types of services. A Renault car service includes service packages, accessories, insurance and assistance.

Before choosing a workshop, be aware that by EU law, and therefore also by Danish law, it has been decided that car owners after the purchase of a new car can choose any service workshop they prefer. This means that car manufacturers must make all data, service schedules and service bulletins fully accessible to the free market, and thus the free workshops.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to investigate whether a car service inspection can be performed at a cheaper price with a non-authorized workshop. You maintain the warranty as long as the work described in the car’s service manual is performed and spare parts that meet the manufacturer's requirements are used.

For a Renault service inspection, you must as a minimum ensure that,

  • The car maintenance program is observed.
  • Workshops can display a list of all the work to be done.
  • As part of the maintenance program, check the timing belt. If your Renault is more than 6 years old and/or has driven up to 160,000 km, then it is time to replace the timing belt.

We recommend that you choose a quality workshop that uses the right measuring equipment, approved OEM parts and approved liquids. It ensures you the best driving experience - and also remember that stamps in your service book ensure a better used-car value. Therefore, your car needs regular service.

When do you need to have your car serviced?

If you follow the prescribed car servicing regulations, your service book or the car's electronic "reminder" will let you know when to get a car service the next time. If you buy a used Renault car, make sure you get it delivered after it has been serviced and ready for use.

Normally, a car must be serviced between 15,000 and 30,000 km driven. If you do not drive that much in your Renault, then there is a yearly interval so that you can advantageously get your car serviced every or every two years.

Is it necessary to have your car serviced?

If your car is no longer under warranty because of its age, it is still important that you comply with the prescribed service intervals. Firstly, any unexpected failure is prevented by frequent repairs and often the car is worth more when servicing has been carried out on a regular basis.

At a service inspection, the workshop ensures that the car's safety level is still top notch. This is done by inspecting and testing vital parts such as tyres, brakes, shock absorbers and springs, as well as by replacing oil, oil filter and cabin filter. In addition, a large number of the car's components including gearbox, undercarriage, carrying and steering ball joints, battery and lights are checked. The list also includes air filters, fuel filters and brake fluid if required by the service manual. And when everything is checked, the mechanic takes the car for a short ride to ensure that the car is working properly and that it moves well on the road.

A-Service or B-Service?

Many workshops operate with several different types of service checks, which are more or less comprehensive. In addition, extra work comes with 30,000 / 60,000 / 120,000 / 150,000 km driven.

Oil service

Includes oil and oil filter replacement.


If your car is an older model, you may want to choose an A-Service if your mechanic thinks it's safe. An A-Service will most often include oil and oil filter changes and control of wipers, lights, and instruments, lubrication of doors and flaps, control and adjustment of tyre pressure and inspection of tyre pattern and wear. In addition, control of steering and undercarriage components, control of exhaust system and visual control of brakes will be carried out.


Includes the same work as an A-Service, but with B-Service the brakes will be separated, cleaned, lubricated and controlled, and the gearbox oil will be changed as well.

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