Tow bar for Peugeot

Installing a tow bar on a Peugeot

08 April 2019, 15:16

Very few brand-new cars straight from the factory come with a mounted tow bar.

As a result, tow bars are something that need to be retrofitted, if you as a Peugeot-owner for example wish to mount a bicycle rack on the back of the car or want to go on holiday with the caravan hitched behind the car.

Average price: £ 469 (June 2020)

Autobutler has researched the average price for mounting a tow bar on a Peugeot. The price includes all the assembly tasks in our quote provided through our garage portal.

There may be considerable savings to be made, if you do your homework.

Mounting the tow bar - what should you be aware of

Before you click to request quotes from garages, we give you a number of good tips on what you need to be aware of when you need a tow bar retrofitted on your Peugeot.

Tow bar - what does your driving license permit?

As a car owner, one may drive with a trailer or a caravan on a standard driving license (category B). The amount of weight that you may drive around with depends on the Peugeot model you own.

The general rule is that the trailer incl. cargo may at maximum weigh 750 kg. At the same time the total weight of your car and trailer should not exceed 3,500 kg.

Special rules for tow bars on micro cars

Nowadays, there are a variety of mini and micro cars on the market. Not all of them are approved for driving with trailer.

And although a number of these small car models have received dispensation allowing them to drive with trailers by the Retail Motor Industry Federation, there will still be some associated risk if you choose to mount a tow bar of a car that actually is not designed for it.

The small cars are not built to handle particularly heavy weights, but if the tow bar is mainly to be used as a tow bar bike rack, then there aren’t any problems.

Before mounting a tow bar on for example a Peugeot, check with your dealer as to whether it may give you problems in relation to the warranty on your car.

Tow bar - select the right model

There are a variety of tow bars on the market. First and foremost, it is important that you choose a tow bar, which meets the applicable UK regulations. If you are getting the job done on the car at a garage, there should not be any problems in that case.

If you however want to attach the tow bar yourself, it is wise to buy the tow bar through an authorized dealer and make sure that you choose one that is approved for use in the UK.

On the British market, the swan neck tow bar is the most common model. It is approved by authorities and available both as a fixed tow bar or as a detachable tow bar.

Most car owners opt for a fixed tow bar. This is because the moving parts of the detachable tow bar often tend to rust, and therefore may be difficult to take apart.

New tow bar - remember to have your car re-registered

You are actually allowed to mount a tow bar on your car yourself, but if you do, remember that the car must subsequently go for inspection.

Whether you are a do-it-yourself type, or you choose to use a garage, the car must be re-registered.

If you get a garage to mount the tow, the car must be sent to a vehicle inspection facility, if it is 8 years or older. If the car is younger and the tow bar is mounted by an authorized garage, you get a “Declaration of trailer coupling not subject to approval”, which the garage has signed and stamped. It must be approved by a vehicle inspection facility, and then you are ready to drive with a trailer.

Remember safety when driving with a trailer

There is a break away cable on the trailer, which must always be secured in a so-called ‘ring’ before you start driving. The small device helps to ensure that the trailer does not break away if it were to fall off the hook while driving.

Other security measures that you need to be aware of are whether the number plate lights, turn signals and brake lights work 100 percent as it should, before you start driving with the trailer.

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