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The family business Peugeot was founded in 1810 in Hérimcourt, France and therefore is the oldest manufacturer in the world.

French manufacturers of numerous segments

In the iron foundry, parts of steel strips were first made until the company devoted itself to the production of tools and hardware, and from the middle of the nineteenth century got more and more important.

After equipment like shearing machines with the typical lion logo of the brand became famous beyond the national borders, the company, which was about to manufacture mainly cars in the future, was founded in 1896. Even today, Peugeot still produces bicycles, scooters, machines, grinders for spice mills.

Before the redefinition of the brand in 1889, the steam-powered Serpollet tricycle was built. With the help of combustion engines from Daimler, the Type 2 was developed a short time later.

The first Peugeot was approved in Vienna in 1896. At the same time, it was the first car with a petrol engine that was produced in serial production.

Global brand from the beginning

Even before other automakers formed, Peugeot secured its place on the world market.

Through the ever-increasing annual production - around 1900 already 500 vehicles and 20 000 bicycles were produced - Peugeot was able to increase the number of its innovations at the same time. In 1902 the steering wheel was introduced. The hitherto widespread car carriage modelling belonged to the past. The Type 36 and Bébé were the first corresponding models.

In addition, the company was active in the production of commercial vehicles.

Start of mass production

After an increasing number of production sites were set up in France, the mass production began in 1919. These production plans were interrupted by the company's involvement in the First World War. The small car and two-seater Quadrillette, the Type 161 from the year 1921 was manufactured with 60,000 copies until 1930.

Until today Peugeot models do not carry a name but follow a numbering – apart from the commercial vehicles, delivery and box type vans since the 1950s.

In the 1920s and 30s, the French producer was literally productive - already 1928 it was possible to count up to Type 190.

New census opens a new era

The introduction of model 201 at the Paris fair in 1929 is another milestone. The zero in the middle of this chronological model counting, which emerged for the first time in the 201s, is a patent of Peugeot. With 201, the company was able to seal its success. 140,000 of them were produced.

In the Second World War the production of passenger cars paused again, but the subsequent reconstruction soon made it possible to export to French-speaking Africa. The completely redesigned model, the Peugeot 203, which was also available as a diesel, was the only one of the brand breaking its own records with sales of 685,000 copies from 1949 to 1954.

This was followed by the 404, which was about to shape the street image as a taxi in African states until the 1990s.

Strengthened by strategic merger

Since 1974, Peugeot bought shares from the French manufacturer Citroën, which resulted later in a merger of the two car brands into the PSA Group. In the meantime, the PSA is known as a manufacturer of vehicles for the two brands and DS, became the second-largest producer in Europe in the years 2007-2010.

Powerful in sports

The good financial standing since the mid-1970s made it possible to enter the motor sport. In 1981, Peugeot Talbot Sport was founded and is leading the way alongside the big producers such as Audi, Lancia and Ford. Peugeot won numerous world championship titles, the Rallye Dakar Siege and celebrated in 2009 also a double victory in Le Mans as well as in 2015 a victory in the FIA-Rallycross World Championship.

Representation in Germany

Although Peugeot had been based in Germany since 1936, Peugeot Germany was only founded in 1967 and has been co-operating with its sister Citroën in Cologne since 2013. The classes range from the 100s to the 500s. The smallest was from 2005 to 2014 the 107, identical with the Citroën C1 and the Toyota Aygo. Its successor now is the 108. The 308 II is the latest compact class model. The larger 408 is offered exclusively in China and Brazil. Smaller than the 108 is the iOn, which is based on Mitsubishi i and the equivalent electric car model Citroën C-Zero. The upper middle class is the Peugeot 508, which has been available for sale in 2011 in four equipment lines in Germany.
Peugeot moves in the next higher classes in steps of thousands.

The smaller crossover, part of the product range since 2013, is called Peugeot 2008.

The compact SUV is called 3008 and has competed on the German market since 2009 with the VW Golf Plus, the Mercedes B-Class and the Opel Meriva. The 4008 is a real SUV. It was produced like Mitsubishi's Mitsubishi sister models by Mitsubishi Motors and has not been available since the end of 2015 in Germany. The compact van 5008 from the year 2009, on the other hand, has already been revised.

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