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Average price on Toyota car servicing

12 June 2019, 09:48

A study conducted by Autobutler back in 2014 shows that Toyota car owners have their car the fewest times in a workshop within a year - compared to other car brands.

Every car owner, however, needs to take his or her car to the workshop from time to time, whether you own a Toyota or not. This applies, for example, to a service inspection which we recommend you get about once a year - or every 15,000-30,000 km driven.

We have helped you a bit and calculated the average price on a Toyota car service by comparing prices given at Autobutler’s affiliated workshops:

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It's actually the lowest average price among 15 different car brands. However, please note that the price is calculated across models and vintages and that the price of your Toyota service inspection may differ from the above.

Authorized or unauthorized workshop?

All workshops affiliated with the Autobutler workshop portal are required to perform high quality car servicing and will always follow the instructions of the service manual guidelines, unless otherwise agreed.

According to EU law, car manufacturers must make all data, service schedules and service bulletins fully accessible to the free market, and thus the free workshops.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to investigate whether a service inspection of your Toyota can be carried out just as well, but cheaper, at a non-authorized workshop.

Service Check +, Health Check ++ and Security Check +++

At Toyota's authorized workshops there are 3 different service packages:

  • Service Check +
  • Health Check ++
  • Security Check +++

Service Check + is the smallest and includes the 14 key points such as lights, tyre control, engine oil change and visual check of brakes.

A Health Check ++ is a bit more extensive, while the Security Check +++ includes 40 different points (brake lines, drive shafts, steering etc.), and like Health Check ++, Security Check +++ also includes 12 months of "Toyota Road Assistance".

When you order your car servicing through Autobutler, you will always get a quote for a service that at least corresponds to Service +. If you would like to have a quote on one of the more extensive services, please note it in the comments field when you create your repair job here.

What should a service check contain?

Of course, quotes in the same style as above can be obtained from an unauthorized Toyota workshop, and you must remember that whatever type of workshop you choose, you retain the warranty on your car as long as the service inspection is performed as described in the car's service manual.

At the same time, it is important to always remember that regardless of the choice of workshop, you must ensure that only original spare parts or OEM-approved spare parts are used. This ensures that your car's resale value remains high.

Below, we have listed the items that must as a minimum be included in a car service inspection:

  • Horn, exterior lights checked
  • Wipers checked
  • Light incl. contacts inside, checked
  • Battery and battery poles checked
  • Tyres checked (tyre pressure and pattern depth)
  • Engine oil and oil filter replaced
  • Air filter checked
  • Clutch cable is checked and adjusted
  • Front and rear brakes, visual inspection
  • Test drive

If a more extensive inspection is chosen, steering, drive shafts, drive belts, brake lines etc. will also be checked and possibly replaced.

If you have any doubts about the type of service your car needs, call our skilled and independent support at 0800 048 8195 and we can advise you.

Use Autobutler to obtain quotes

When you make an inquiry on Autobutler you get quotes from workshops close to you, so you can compare prices. You can choose for yourself whether it should be the price that is crucial for your choice of workshop, or whether it should also be the distance to the mechanic or user reviews.

All workshops can perform service while maintaining the warranty - even if it is not an authorized Toyota workshop.

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