Price for replacing clutch on a Ford

Ford Clutch Replacement Price

10 August 2015, 10:43

If you need to replace the clutch in your Ford vehicle, the price estimator at Autobutler shows the average price for recent Ford clutch replacements undertaken at Autobutler.

Since being founded by Henry T Ford in 1903, Ford have grown to be one of the largest automotive makers in the world. Their Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus models are popular throughout Europe, with both featuring in the Top 10 Best Selling Car Models in Europe for 2014.

As with all vehicles, wear and tear does occur through a vehicle’s lifespan, with repairs and replacement being a necessary part and responsibility of being a Ford owner. One such component of your Ford that may need replaced at some stage is the clutch. A major and essential component of your vehicle, clutch replacement is a common and regular job for many garages.

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The price estimator above, shows the average price for clutch replacement for a number of Ford models. The price is taken from an average of actual prices for Ford clutch replacement recently undertaken at Autobutler.

If you require a more accurate quote for your clutch replacement, one of the easiest ways to get a quick and professional quote is through Autobutler. With a few simple clicks you will receive three bespoke quotes from local garages within 24 hours, allowing you to choose the best quote for the clutch replacement on your Ford vehicle, from quality businesses near you.

How is the cost of a clutch replacements broken down?

Unfortunately replacing a clutch can be an expensive job and the cost varies depending on the specific problem with the clutch and what make and model of vehicle you have. Some vehicles require the flywheel to be replaced also if the clutch has to be replaced, which can add a significant amount to the cost.

The bulk of the cost in replacing a clutch is in labour hours, with the remainder being the cost the clutch itself along with any other associated parts and sundries such as clutch fluid. The best advice is to get quotes from a number of garages and one of the easiest ways to get a quick and professional quote is by using the price estimator above.

How do I know if I require a new clutch?

The clutch is an essential component in the smooth operation of your vehicle but it can be difficult to know when your clutch is worn out or failing. The clutch is in almost constant use but does not have a specific lifespan, with the rate of general wear and tear depending on driving style and driving environment. Riding the clutch is a habit that a number of drivers have, particularly when at traffic lights or in heavy traffic, and this is one of the main causes of the clutch wearing out quickly or failing. Riding the clutch prevents the clutch plates from fully disengaging and causes unnecessary wear and tear.

One of the first signs that you have an issue with your clutch is that it may become difficult to change gear or there is a noise or burning smell when you change gears. You may also notice that when you rev your engine, the revs may increase or decrease randomly or, that despite revving your engine when driving, there is not a noticeable increase in speed. All of these are signs of potential clutch issues and you should look to have the problem investigated as soon as possible, as driving on a failing clutch will only lead to further problems.

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