Here is a list of things that is good to have in your car

5 Essential Items Which You Should Always Keep in Your Car

09 September 2015, 09:05

We all like to be prepared in the event of the unexpected, but carrying around too much in your car can seriously increase your fuel consumption.

It is therefore important to be selective in the items you choose to have on standby, and listed below are a few of the most important.

Jump leads

Jump leads don’t weigh too much, so shouldn’t increase the amount of fuel which you need to get you from A to B, but they are incredibly useful to have. They are the sort of thing that you will use very little, but the one time that you come to need them will make it worth having them in the boot at all times.

Even if it isn’t your battery which runs flat, you could be the one to save the day if a friend, neighbour or even a complete stranger finds themselves with a flat battery.

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Spare tyre

This is now only relevant if your car doesn’t have run flat tyres fitted.

Increasingly, drivers no longer need to carry a spare tyre in the car, but a puncture can strike at any time so it is always a good idea to be prepared.

Windscreen Wash

Being able to see through the windscreen clearly is absolutely vital to staying safe on the roads.

Although you can buy windscreen wash at most service stations, it could be a long drive to the next one if you run out in the middle of the motorway.

Roads’ surfaces are rarely clean and a whole host of different substances can dirty your windscreen and make it difficult for you to see.

You should always have at least a small amount of spare windscreen wash in the car just in case you do run out when you need it most.

A cloth

Keeping a cloth, duster or an old rag in the glove box is always a good idea as it will help you to keep your windscreen and mirrors clear at all times.

If your windscreen steams up then you can use the rag to clean it before the de-misters have a chance to start working.

It can also be used to clear the wing mirrors when it has been raining, as well as being useful to clear any spills or leaks inside the car.


A blanket has more uses than just keeping you warm if you decide to sleep in the car.

If you get stuck in an unexpected traffic jam at night and need to turn off the engine to save fuel, you will be very glad to have an extra layer to keep you warm.

This is a particularly good idea when driving long distances on the motorway during the winter months.

Blankets are also useful if you have large bulky items which you need to transport as you can pad any corners or cover your seats so that your car is not damaged.

Be prepared

If you do run into any problems on the road, these items could come in very handy indeed, and could easily save the day. Knowing that you are prepared for these eventualities should also make you feel more at ease when setting off on a long journey.

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