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What is the cost of a car service on a Citroën or a DS?

11 June 2019, 13:33

As a car owner, it is a good idea to take care of your car. This applies both for the sake of safety, but also because a car that is well cared for keeps its value longer and gives a greater benefit from a possible resale.

One of the points that all car owners must be aware of is the car's servicing. The main rule is that, depending on how much the car is driven, it has to be serviced once a year or once every two years.

Most commonly, a service of your Citroën or DS must be carried out between 10,000 and 30,000 km driven. If you have a warranty on the car, it is important that you comply with the car brand’s requirements regarding time intervals for servicing.

At Autobutler, we have helped you a bit and calculated the average price of a Citroën or DS car servicing made by garages affiliated with Autobutler:

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£86 / 23%

All workshops can handle the servicing of your Citroën or DS

When you need to take your Citroën or DS for a car service, please be aware that all garages that cooperate with us at Autobutler offer high quality car service inspections. This applies to both the authorized and the unauthorized workshops and, unless otherwise agreed, the garages will always follow the service manual instructions.

In addition, it is important to remember that under current EU legislation, car manufacturers are required to make all data, service schedules and service bulletins fully accessible to all garages.

This means, in principle, that the service inspection of your car can be carried out just as fine in an unauthorized workshop as it could in an authorized workshop. And therefore, it is also a good idea to investigate where a service inspection of your Citroën or DS can be performed at a better price and in a shop you trust.

Choosing a garage is a matter of trust

Servicing your Citroën helps prevent failures and repairs while ensuring the most stable driving experience.
If you ask the authorized workshops, they claim that they know your Citroën best. The mechanics are well-trained and have the necessary expert knowledge.

But the authorized workshops are not the only ones who can guarantee high quality and knowledge of your car. Many of the unauthorized workshops specialize in certain car brands, so when getting a quote for a car service of your Citroën or DS, it is worth checking which car brands the garage specializes in.

And then keep in mind that the mechanic at the unauthorized workshop may have been trained or previously worked at an authorized Citroën or DS garage and may therefore perform the car servicing at the same level.

What should a Car Service Inspection include?

A car service inspection is an easy and inexpensive way to keep the car running, and a service inspection should include the following points:

  • Oil change and oil filter replacement
  • Replenishment of coolant
  • In addition, a check of brakes, lights, wipers, battery, drive belts, exhaust and suspension, steering and shock absorbers.
  • Furthermore, the car should be inspected for rust, just as brakes and brake pads are checked.
  • Finally, the workshop should also check on the car's engine, gearbox, pipes and drive shaft.

Service inspection in close dialogue with the garage

If you have chosen to use a non-authorized workshop via Autobutler, please inquire the next time the car is in the workshop if they also offer a similar customized service check of your Citroën or DS. That is, a car servicing that matches the age of the car and your driving habits. And remember that if you drive very little, it may only be necessary to have it serviced every two years.

Save money on your workshop bill
Use Autobutler to get quotes for a car servicing. Then you can easily compare the garages both on price and content of service package. Also, remember that you can see how other car owners have rated the garages you are considering.

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