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BMW car service

Great tips when your BMW needs service

02 August 2017, 11:20

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Hang on to the pleasure of driving – take your BMW for servicing

As a BMW owner, it is a good idea to maintain ones car. On the one hand, it is about safety and on the other, a well maintained car retains its value better.

Most new BMW's have a built-in computer, which continuously requires software updates. Through the computer, the garages can diagnose fault codes or defects on the car (among other things).

As your BMW drives more kilometers, a full software update will be appropriate in relation to the car’s driving properties, environment and fuel economy.

Servicing is a thorough inspection of the car, where the mechanic among other things changes consumables and check that the car is reliable, so that you do not suddenly find that your car breaks down or crashes while driving.

Servicing of BMW

When your BMW must be serviced, you should choose a garage where the car can be serviced based on specific servicing schedules that fit your model and driving habits.

As with most other car brands, there is both a large and a smaller car service] for the BMW. Ask your local garage as to what kind of servicing your car needs.

Below you can see what servicing of your BMW at a minimum should include:

• Engine oil and filter change
• Inspection of the car based on the manufacturer’s instructions
• Service or replacement of air filter
• Service or replacement of fuel filter
• Service or replacement of microfilter
• Service or replacement of spark plugs
• Service or replacement of brake fluid
• Check the brake pads and brake discs
• Check and if necessary replace windshield wipers

For large inspections, the following is also inspected:

• Interior lights
• dashboard, dashboard lighting and dash vents
• Horn, high beams and hazard warning
• Seat belts – all functions are checked
• Battery check (acid levels and charge state)
• Test with diagnostic system
• Fluids and oils: coolant, windshield washer fluid, brake fluids and engine oils are checked (filled/replaced if necessary)
• Check steering for play, leaks, damage and wear
• Check the tire pressure (incl. spare wheel), condition and wear is checked.

A car service should always finish with a test drive, where all the car’s functions and properties are checked.

6 things to remember when the car needs to go to the garage

Courtesy car - what do you do while your BMW is being repaired? Have you arranged for other transportation? Otherwise make sure to check with the garage if a courtesy car is available.

Remember to check the payment terms, so that you are not surprised when you pick up the car. Servicing should be handled the same day you drop off the car. Agree on when the car will be ready to be collected.

If there are defects with the car - make an agreement that the garage will call you before the mechanics begin replacing expensive parts. Make sure that the garage has your phone number.

Always arrange that replaced parts are delivered when you pick up your BMW after service.

It’s a also a good idea to have the garage review the invoice with you when they return your car.

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