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Worn brakes? Learn more on the brakes on your Renault

13 June 2019, 15:16

At the Autobutler website, you can get quotes on what it costs to have the brakes changed on a Renault. You get a detailed description of the scope of the task, and you can easily choose the right workshop for you.

And it can be a really good idea to do so and compare prices, because back in 2013 Autobutler made a price check on brake tasks, and the result showed that there was up to 31 % to save on the workshop bill if you create a job and ask for prices from different garages.

We have calculated the average price of brake tasks for a Renault performed by garages affiliated with Autobutler:

Save on average*
£86 / 22%

The price is calculated as an average price for all brake tasks performed on Renault cars and in workshops that are affiliated with Autobutler.

Get your brakes replaced in time

Here on the blog, we write a lot about how important the car's different parts are, and how crucial it is that, for example, the clutch works as it should and that the timing belt is not worn so that it becomes a risk.

But one thing on the car, where the safety and operating functions cannot be emphasized enough and which should always working properly, are the car's brakes.

Every time your Renault is serviced, a visual check is done on your brakes. However, please note that this is just a visual check where the mechanic looks through the rims to check how worn out the brakes are. A mechanic with little experience can easily assess the condition of the brakes.

Since it is only a visual check, it is important that you are aware of whether the car's braking system suddenly reacts differently than normal during the daily driving.

If there is something about the brakes that do not work properly, you should have it checked in a workshop where the wheels are removed and the brakes disassembled. It is recommended to use a workshop where your Renault is placed on a special field so that the mechanic can check if the car brakes properly.

What does the bill cover?

A quote on brakes replacement on a Renault will usually always cover working hours and spare parts. Compare the different quotes and see if replacement of brake shoes, calipers, brake pads and discs are listed on the spare parts list.

If you only have to replace brake pads and possibly discs, this is a minor task, and the time spent will reflect in the price.

Replacement of brake lines is rarely included in the garages’ quotes, as these do not have to be changed so often. But it is a good idea to ask your mechanic to check if the lines work as they should, as it can be dangerous to drive around with leaky brake lines.

If the workshop is going to carry out a bigger brake job where the entire brake system, including brake lines and brake fluid have to be changed, a lot of hours will run quickly on the bill. Therefore, it is important that you check in advance what is included in the task and compare the workshops' quotes and hourly rates.

In the end, there can be a lot of money to save by getting a good overview.

How do I know it's time to get the brakes changed?

The brakes on your Renault must be checked regularly and they must be replaced when your local garage estimates that they are worn.

How often you need to replace the brakes depends on your driving style. The brakes are constantly worn while driving, and if you do a lot of urban driving where it is always necessary to brake, the brakes are naturally worn more than if you drive long trips.

Some cars have a brake indicator that is worn while driving and which eventually will activate a warning light in the vehicle's dashboard. When lit, it indicates that the brakes must be replaced.

Often, you can also sense that the brakes are "uneven" when braking or there is a ringing noise when you brake. It is usually a sign that at least the brake pads must be replaced.

It may also be that the brake pedal slowly but steady has to be be stepped further and further down before the brakes are activated. In any case, it is a good idea to get the garage to check the brake pads and discs twice a year, when changing between summer tires and winter tires.

3 tips for to save your brakes

With a few small adjustments to your driving, you can drive significantly longer before it is time to replace your brakes.

Below, we have listed 3 quick tips that do not require much more than a little thoughtfulness while driving.

Put the car in neutral
The lower the speed with which the car moves when you have to brake, the less the brake system will wear. Therefore, it is a good idea to disengage, put the car in neutral, and roll forward to where you need to brake.

Be on the lookout in traffic
The more you are aware of what's going on further ahead on your route, the better you can adjust the speed. Try to take the foot of the accelerator before you reach an intersection, a queue or a roundabout. Adjusting speed is equal to less wear on the brakes.

Business costs
If you are busy when you are out and about, it will definitely affect the way you drive. Often, it will mean that, unlike the above description, you will drive to a stop at full speed. That tears on the brakes. A good piece of advice can therefore be that you as often as possible endeavor to leave in good time so that you can drive without too many fast accelerations and steep brakes.

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