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Price on oil change to Renault

09 August 2019, 09:11

When your Renault needs to get an oil change, you will probably want to know the price in advance before you drive the car to the garage.

At Autobutler we have calculated the average price of a regular oil change for your Renault.

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£62 / 39%

The price is calculated on the basis of all the Renault models that have had an oil change at garages affiliated with Autobutler. Therefore, the price for an oil change on your specific Renault model may differ from the above average price.

Some workshops advertise a fixed price on the oil change itself. Included in the price is labour time and possibly spare parts (oil filter), while the consumption of oil depends on which Renault model you are driving.

Other garages offer a fixed package price where everything is included. Therefore, it is important that you read the quote description thoroughly if you've requested quotes through us. All garages affiliated with Autobutler are obliged to provide a written quote, indicating what the stated price covers.

At Autobutler you can also read how other car owners have rated the garages you choose.

Oil change on Renault - function and quality of engine oil

The engine oil on your Renault is an essential component for lubricating and cooling the individual parts of the engine. The engine oil helps ensure that all the moving parts of the engine can work smoothly, as they should. Without the required amount of oil, friction in the engine increases and you risk damaging the engine's vital parts.

At the same time, the engine oil, together with antifreeze in the cooler, ensures that the engine does not overheat.

Therefore, it is important to check and change the oil and oil filter according to the recommendations made by the manufacturer.

Unlike earlier, where older cars often ran on mineral oil, basically all cars today run on either semi-synthetic or fully synthetic oil.

The service manual for your Renault will tell you the type of oil your car needs. You will also be able to read how many liters should be re-filled in a complete oil change.

If in doubt, ask your garage. The mechanic knows what type of oil you should buy if the car needs a refill between two ordinary oil changes.

How do I know it's time for oil change?

Most newer Renault models have an warning light in the dashboard that tells you when it's time for an oil change.

Another option is to check the car's service manual, which will indicate how far you can drive between each oil change. On most Renault models, the manufacturer has set an interval of 15,000 km.

Many workshops carry out oil changes in connection with the regular service inspections. Between each oil change there will be a risk that engine oil must be re-filled. This is especially true for older cars, where the wear on the engine causes the oil consumption to rise slightly. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the oil level once in a while.

If you have forgotten to check the oil level for a while, you may risk that the warning light suddenly lights up in the instrument dashbaord, and it will tell you that the engine is missing oil.

If you experience this, you must immediately have an oil replacement. At the same time, it may be a good idea to drive to your local garage to check that there are no leaks that cause the oil to leak out of the engine.

5 good advice on oil change

  1. If you are planning a longer car trip or a trip where the engine will be subjected to extra heavy load, this may mean that the oil consumption will increase. Therefore, be sure to check the oil level along the way. The oil stick must not show that the oil level is below the minimum or above the maximum.
  2. Always carry a can of oil in the car, so you can easily add extra engine oil. Make sure you do not mix two engine oils with different specifications. If you do, there is a risk that the properties of the original oil will deteriorate.
  3. If you refill the oil yourself, be careful not to spill oil on the engine block, as in the worst case it can cause a fire. Then remember to put the oil cover correctly back on and wipe off any excessive oil.
  4. Following the intervals for oil change that Renault has set for your car model will improve the car's performance and life.
  5. The advantage of changing oil at regular intervals is that the mechanical parts of the engine are properly lubricated. At the same time, the oil helps to clean the engine and collect dirt that may have crept into the system. Finally, you ensure that the engine cools better, which is especially important on longer trips where many kilometers are driven at high speed.

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