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A new tow bar on a Renault

Price on tow bar for a Renault

21 June 2019, 15:38

If your Renault needs to have a towbar fitted, Autobutler recommends that you get the job done at an authorized workshop. Determine whether it should be fixed or detachable and whether a 7- or 13-pin socket is needed.

Autobutler has calculated the average price for mounting a towbar for a Renault. The price covers all the assembly tasks that have been carried out via our garage portal. Whatever the model, the average price should be:

Avg. price Min - max
£ 469 £ 311 - £ 648 Get 3 quotes

The prices are based on all quotes sent via Autobutler, and may contain errors or vary. Please create a job if you would like detailed quotes for your car.

Towbar - Get a great deal

Many car owners need to have a towbar on the car. For some, it is about being able to mount a bike carrier, while others enjoy spending the summer holidays with a caravan hooked on the back of the car.

However, few cars leave the factory with a mounted towbar. The hook must be retrofitted.

You should be aware that if you do your research properly, there may be significant savings when getting the work done. Therefore, use Autobutler and get 3 quotes on the job.

Keep in mind that when you use the Autobutler garage portal, you get 24-month repair guarantee and all agreements in writing. All users get transparency and security and are ensured that all repairs and garage visits are available at a fair price.

Mounting tow bar on a Renault

You must be aware that:
Before you click to get 3 quotes, below you can find some good tips for what to pay attention to when you want to retrofit a towbar on your Renault.

There is a general rule that the trailer incl. load maximum must weigh 750 kg. At the same time, your Renault and trailer must not have a total weight of more than 3,500 kg.

The permissible weight of the trailer can be increased by the acquisition of a truck license.

Towbar - Be careful with the small car models

You should be aware that a number of so-called mini and micro cars are not approved for driving with a trailer.

The small cars cannot cope with a particularly high weight, so it is limited what you can drive with. However, the towbar should only be used for, for example, a bicycle carrier, so far there are no problems.

However, you should be aware that you can run into some problems with the warranty on your Renault minibus if you get a towbar mounted. So consider it one more time before booking a time at the workshop.

Towbar - choose the right model

There are several different types of towbars. You must make sure that the garage chooses a tow bar that complies with the applicable European rules.

If you want to install the tow bar yourself, buy it through an authorized dealer, so you are sure that the towbar is approved for use.

The detachable tow bar can seem like the most attractive solution. Your Renault gets a nicer look when the hook is not stuck all the time, but most car owners still choose a fixed hook. This is partly due to the fact that it can be difficult to take the hook on and off. At the same time, you run the risk of the moving parts on the removable towbar rusting and jamming.

Trailer with brake system

If the trailer you intend to drive weighs more than 750 kg incl. load, it must have its own braking system. If the trailer or caravan has its own braking system, then it is important that it works properly. Make sure to have it checked in your local garage on a regular basis, because if the brakes are defective it may result in a fine and, in the worst case, cause serious accidents.

Tow bar requires re-registration of the car

It is permissible to mount a towbar on your Renault yourself, but remember that the car must subsequently go through the MOT. Do you want to skip the hassle, both regarding towbar mounting and MOT, then get 3 quotes on Autobutler and find a garage to mount the towbar on your Renault.

Whether you are the do-it-yourself type or you choose to use a workshop, your car must be re-registered. If you get the job done in a garage, the car must only pass a visual test if it is 8 years or older.

Towbar - Correct driving

When connecting the trailer to the car, the so-called spring wire must always be used. The small device, which is attached to the socket of the towbar, ensures that the trailer does not run loose if it is suddenly detached from the hook while driving. To ensure proper driving, you must - every time you drive - check that the license plate lights, turn signal lights and brake lights work properly.

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