Car timing belt

Do you need to replace your Toyota's timing belt?

04 April 2019, 13:01

What does it cost to get a timing belt replaced?

The timing belt on your car controls the interaction between the pistons and valves, and as a result the timing belt is one of the most important functions of an engine.

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The timing belt consists of a strong, synthetic rubber material, which in time will tenderise. When this happens, the belt typically starts to crack on the surface and you run the risk that a worn belt will snap while driving. If that happens, it can have serious consequences, since the valves and pistons of the car may be damaged.

In the worst case, this may mean that the whole engine has to be replaced. It is therefore a good idea to have the timing belt on your Toyota checked and possibly replaced before things go wrong.

A timing belt does not cost all that much, but it can still be expensive to replace a timing belt. This is because in some cases it can be a difficult and a time consuming job to get the belt off and mount the new timing belt.

Time and labor spent is the biggest item on the bill when the timing belt needs replacing. It is therefore also a good idea to research the hourly rate of the garages before the car sent to the garage. There can be great savings to be made by looking at all the options.

On Autobutler, we researched the average price of what it costs to having a timing belt replaced on a Toyota. The price includes all Toyota models and is based on thousands quotes that the garages have submitted to users of our garage portal.

It is quick and easy sending a car to a garage with our service. Garages submit quotes in writing exclusively, so you can comfortably compare prices, description of the scope of the task and also see what other car owners have written in their reviews of various garages. In this way, we help you in a simple and easy way to find the best garage for the price.

Keep an eye on the timing belt

If you do not know when your car last had the timing belt replaced, and you might even have driven more kilometers than indicated in the service manual, you should have a garage determine whether it is time to have the timing belt replaced.
You can even inspect on your own by opening the hood and loosen the cap that sits and protects the protects the timing belt.

Check whether the surface has visible wear. If it looks worn out, there are cracks or the rubber is starting to fray, you can be certain that it is time to have the belt replaced.

If in doubt, think twice. The timing belt does not wear gradually, for instance, like brake pads on a car. It wears and suddenly it snaps. It's the worst-case scenario, so if you cannot assess if the belt is worn or not, contact a garage to have it inspected.

Why the timing belt wears?

It can be difficult to say anything specific about when the timing belt is worn out, but there are some conditions that wear the belt more and can cause it to snap before its time.

Changes in temperature

The timing belt is made of a rubber material, which at high heat expands and likewise contract when the rubber is cooled. Huge temperature fluctuations, both summer and winter, can cause the rubber to crack on the surface.

Oil leakage

Oil leakage in the engine compartment is a serious matter, since oil on the timing belt, and between the timing belt and gears can cause the belt to slip off the gear and damage the engine. If you notice oil leakage in the engine compartment, you should immediately contact your garage and get the issue resolved.

An old timing belt

Previously, timing belts were both angular and trapezoidal and not as elastic as they are today. If you are driving around in an old Toyota, make sure you have one of the new timing belts mounted that are more flexible and last considerably longer.

If the car hasn’t been driven for a long time

Then the timing belt very easily become stiff. Inform the garage if you do not drive many kilometers in the car, as the mechanic will replace the timing belt after a certain time and not look at how many kilometers the car has driven.

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