Tow bar for Suzuki

Installing a tow bar on a Suzuki

18 July 2017, 10:02

If you want to drive your Suzuki with a trailer, then your car must be equipped with a towing hitch. Usually it is something that needs retrofitting, since few cars leave the factory with an already mounted towing hitch.

It is definitely not cheap to have a tow bar mounted. If you only need it for a bike rack, you might consider purchasing a bar that can be mounted to the back of the car without having to rest on a tow bar.

However, if you are looking to tow a trailer, caravan or a horse trailer with your car, you will need to install a towing hitch. In order to help you, Autobutler has calculated the average price on how much it costs to mount a tow bar on a Suzuki.

Average price for a Suzuki: £451

There may be considerable savings to be made if you do a little research when it comes to offers from workshops that are able to do the job.

Worth knowing about mounting the tow hitch

Before you request quotes from different garages, here are some good tips on what you need to be aware of when you have a tow bar installed on your Suzuki.

Tow hitch – what is the maximum weight I am allowed to tow?

As a car owner, you may drive with a trailer with a regular driving license (B). How much weight the car may tow depends on which type of Suzuki you own. You can always ask your local garage how much your car is allowed to tow, or you may find more information on As a rule of thumb, a trailer including load may weigh a maximum of 750 kg. And at the same time the total weight of the vehicle and trailer must not exceed 3,500 kg.

Special rules for tow bars for micro cars

Nowadays, there are a variety of mini- or micro- cars that are not all approved for towing trailers. The small cars are not built to be able to tow much weight, but if the tow hitch is needed for a tow bar bike rack, then it should not be an issue.

Before you have a tow bar mounted, you should check with your dealer to see if it may give you problems with regard to the warranty on your car.

Tow bar – choose the right model

When choosing a tow bar for your car, it is especially important that you select a towing hitch that complies with applicable legislation. If you take your car to an authorised garage to get the job done, there should not be any issues.

If you decide to mount the towbar yourself, it is wise to buy the tow bar from an authorised dealer and at the same time ensure that it is approved for use in the UK.

Most people choose a fixed towing hitch. One reason is that the moving parts of a detachable tow bar can easily rust and get stuck, so that you can not detach it if the ball mount has been allowed to sit too long in the car.

Towing hitch - remember to have the car re-registered

As mentioned, you may choose to mount the towing hitch on your Suzuki yourself. But remember the car will have to go in for inspection when you are done with the job.

If you get the tow bar mounted at an authorised garage, the car is not sent to a vehicle inspection facility if it is younger than eight years from the initial registration date. Instead, you simply receive a “Declaration of trailer coupling not subject to approval”, which the garage has signed and stamped.

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