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Air condition service for your Suzuki

05 April 2019, 13:39

An air conditioning system or a climate control loses between 8-10 percent of coolant annually. Therefore, it is recommended that you get the system inspected once a year and serviced at least once every two years. The price of an air conditioning system service depends on the model of car that you drive.

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Your Suzuki Aircondition (AC System) loses refrigerant over time. If refrigerant levels are too low, you run the risk of the Aircon system wearing out or breaking. Book your next Aircondition Service through Autobutler.

When did you last ask your garage to check the car’s air conditioning system?

Was it long ago, then it might be time to have it inspected. The car’s air conditioning system, air con, climate control, or a/c system must be maintained in order to work optimally. If you do not have the system inspected at least once a year, then it will not cool as it should.

It is also important that you use your your air conditioning system year-round, rather than having it turned off for long periods. Better to turn it on once too often than once too little.

An air conditioning system requires lubrication, and the system is only lubricated when the system is turned on and the compressor runs. There is an oil inside the system that lubricates the seals and pistons, and if you do not use the system, you risk so that it may break down.

What is the difference between a climate control and an air conditioning system?

Most modern cars today have either an air conditioning system or a climate control. Both are a pleasant invention that work by having a compressor cool and dry the air that is subsequently circulated in the car’s cabin. Make sure to keep the windows and sunroof closed while driving, then the temperature of the cabin will be well regulated throughout the ride. The installations can also be used for defogging windows both during winter and on rainy days.

A fully automatic climate control regulates the temperature in the car's cabin. By setting the system at a specific temperature, it will automatically make sure to adjust the temperature so that it remains constant. This is done by constantly blowing either warm or cool air into the cabin.

The dual zone climate control works in the same way, although with a little extra feature in that the temperature can be controlled individually to the driver’s side and the passenger’s side. Some systems even have the option to regulate the temperature separately for the front and the back of the car.

On most advanced climate controls, there is often also a special ventilation system that blows dehumidified air through the seat, so no shirt or dress sticks to the body on a hot summer day.

Finally, there is the traditional air conditioning system (A/C). This is a basic solution that is adjusted manually. The a/c system provides a specific temperature in the car, and changing it requires an adjustment of the temperature of the fan.

Overview: Air condition service point by point

Most garages recommend that you get the car's air conditioning system or climate control serviced every two years.
Below you can read how the car's climate control or air conditioning system will again work optimally.

1) The system is emptied of coolant, and new coolant is added.
2) The oil, which acts as a lubricant and ensures that the seals in the compressor do not dry out or wear disproportionately is replaced.
3) The system’s dryer that extracts moisture and dirt from the circulating coolant is serviced.
4) The pollen filter is replaced.
5) The air ducts are cleaned so that the bad odor is removed.
6) All the functions of the system are tested.

By servicing, you can extend the longevity of the Suzuki's air conditioning system/climate control.

At the same time, you reduce the risk of the system breaking down, for example, when on a motoring holiday on the continent.

By having the system cleaned, you also avoid any respiratory discomfort and eye irritations that may occur due to bacteria that has formed inside the system, because of standing water. Last but not least, you avoid a bad and unpleasant odor in the cabin when driving.

Maintain the car's air conditioning system on your own

If the car's air conditioning system is not used properly or adequately, it can cause unpleasant odors in the cabin.

This is due to small pockets of water collecting in the system. These small water pools provide the right environment for the development of bacteria.

The solution is to thoroughly clean the entire system. If you choose to do it yourself, there are two ways this can be done:

1) Use a special spray directly on the evaporator of the a/c system.

First remove the pollen filter, which is normally located under the dashboard. Start the engine and turn up the ventilation fan. Then empty the can with the cleaning spray into the hole, in which pollen filter sat.

Leave the car and let all the air vents remain open while the ventilation system is set to recirculate.
After 30 min, the system is cleaned, and you can install a new pollen filter.

2) If you are not so technically minded, but still want to save on the garage bills, you can also opt to use a so-called cleaning bomb spray.

The solution is recommended if your a/c system is only ‘attacked’ by bacteria to a lesser extent. Again, the pollen filter is removed as in the method above. The engine is started, and the ventilation fan is switched on.

Place the system on re-circulation and activate the cleaning bomb spray, which now sprays the cleaning agent into the cabin.

The cabin is filled with a mist of cleaning agent. It is important that you make sure to keep all doors and windows shut.

After half an hour, you can install a new pollen filter and enjoy the fresh scent in the cabin of the car.

3 good tips on air conditioning

  1. If the car's air conditioning system does not cool as it should when it is turned on, you should contact a garage that will hook up an a/c service machine to identify the error.

  2. You can reduce bacterial formation in the a/c system by turning off the air conditioning systemaround 10 to 15 minutes before the car ride is over. When the system is turned off, the heat from the engine will dry out the ducts, so that the system is emptied of the water that would otherwise condense.

  3. Have the a/c system inspected before buying a used car. It is unfortunate to take over a car with a defective a/c system.

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