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Remember to drain or change your brake fluids

What is a Brake Bleeding Kit?

05 March 2015, 09:14

Actron vacuum Pump Brake Bleed Kit

What is a Brake Bleeding Kit?

A brake bleeding kit is designed to make the process of draining or changing your brake fluid much easier.

With the help of one of these kits you will be able to change your brake fluid at home, without having to take the car to a workshop or garage. They also prevent the need to have two people present at all times and instead turn the process of changing your brake fluid into a one-person job. They are fairly simple pieces of equipment and you don’t need any specialist training to be able to use The brake bleeding kit.

The brake bleeding kit usually consists of a pump, some tubing and a container. The pump draws air out of the brake system which sucks the brake fluid through the tubing and into the container. The pressure caused by the pump acts as if someone were sitting at the wheel and pumping the brakes.

The brake bleeding kit makes the job easier, involves considerably less mess and gets rid of the need for an extra pair of hands. Most come with a universal fitting so you don’t have to worry about the width of the bleeder valves on your make and model of car. The clear tubes mean that you can monitor the brake fluid as it comes through the tube.

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