Learn more about what an OBD Diagnostic tool is

What is an OBD Diagnostic Tool?

22 September 2015, 13:07

If you have any interest in repairing vehicles, then there is a pretty good chance that you have come across references to OBD diagnostic tools at some point.

OBD stands for On-Board Diagnostics and it is all connected to the on-board computer systems that have played an integral role in pretty much every single vehicle that has been manufactured since 1996.

It is the computer in the car that will ultimately switch on those lights on your dashboard when something is wrong and that is because it senses almost every process that takes place in your car.

You probably heard the term and were instantly confused, or perhaps believed that it was something that was far too complex and beyond your level of understanding.

In actual fact, they are easier to understand than you may have initially thought and there is also no doubting their usefulness when it comes to repairing the modern day vehicle.

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How About the Tool?

So, what about the tool? Well, as its name suggests, it will help to diagnose the issue simply by you plugging the scanner tool into the on-board computer and allowing it to run a series of tests.

The central computer picks up that something is not quite right and it produces a code that the diagnostic tool is then capable of deciphering.

This code, when compared to a reference guide, will then tell you where the problem is, allowing you to carry out the necessary repair; and apart from that, there really is nothing much to really say about this particular tool.

An OBD diagnostic tool is now an essential piece of kit to have if you want to understand what is wrong with the inner workings of your vehicle before issues such as performance are really hampered.

The fact that basic models are now cheaper than ever before just means that they are more accessible to anybody that has a serious interest in car maintenance and as long as you learn the basics of what they can do, then this will be a useful addition to your tool kit.

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