Learn about speed limits when driving with a caravan

When Can You Drive at 60mph with Your Caravan?

15 June 2015, 13:15

In most European countries, the speed limits will differ to the ones marked on the roads if you are towing a trailer or a caravan. For safety reasons, vehicles which have items in tow are not allowed to travel as fast as other vehicles on the roads.

This may seem to be a fairly obvious standard practice, but it is not always clear exactly what the rules are. To make it easier for drivers travelling with trailers and caravans in tow on the continent, we have compiled a list of the maximum speed which you can travel on a motorway if you are towing in Europe. The speed limits will differ on other types of roads.

Austria – 62 mph
Belgium – 74 mph
Croatia – 56 mph
Czech Republic – 50 mph
Denmark - 50 mph
Germany – 50 mph
Hungary – 50 mph
Ireland – 50 mph
Italy – 50 mph
Luxembourg – 56 mph
Netherlands – 56 mph
Norway – 50 mph
Portugal – 62 mph
Slovenia – 50 mph
Spain – 50 mph
Sweden – 50 mph
Switzerland – 50 mph

In France, the speed limit will depend on the total combined weight of your car and the towed trailer or caravan together. For vehicles which in total weigh less than 3 and a half tonnes, the speed limit on the motorway is 81 mph. For vehicles weighing more than this, the maximum speed limit on motorways is 56 mph.

There are only a few countries in Europe in which it is legal to drive at speeds over 60 mph if you are towing something behind your vehicle. These include Austria, Belgium and Portugal. In Germany, you are allowed to drive at speeds over 60 mph if you pass a TUV test with your car and caravan. This test takes roughly 2 hours and you will have to pay a fee of around €70.

If you are planning to drive through Europe with a caravan or a trailer in tow then it would be a good idea to look at the specific restrictions on trailers and caravans in the countries which you intend to visit. Some speed limits vary depending on the weather conditions, and these are not always clearly signposted on the roads themselves. The fines for exceeding the speed limit will also vary depending on which country you are in, and some of them can be very high, so it is worth respecting the limits in place.

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