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The Best Ways to Create Extra Storage in Your Car for the Summer

18 May 2015, 12:44

If you are setting off on a camping holiday this summer, or a cross-continental road trip, finding enough space in the car to store all of your things whilst you are on the move can be a little tricky.

Constantly having to arrange and rearrange the bags and play ‘car tetris’ in the boot in order to fit everything in never makes for the most relaxing start to a holiday. If you think you may be in danger of running out of space in your vehicle this summer, here are a few ideas which might give you a little more space to play around with.

Buy a trailer

If making journeys with a large amount of equipment in tow is going to be a regular occurrence then it might be worth investing in a trailer. You can fit a surprising amount of things in a relatively small trailer and you don’t have to worry about compromising the comfort of your passengers. If you have sports equipment or camping gear which could be in danger of getting muddy during your trip, a trailer also provides the perfect way to keep your clothes and other items separate from the muddy ones.

Buy a roof box

If you think that buying a trailer seems a bit drastic, or you don’t want to have to tow one for long distances down the motorway, a roof box could be a suitable alternative. Roof boxes can’t store quite as much as a trailer, but they still offer the same advantage in keeping sports equipment and clothes separate. You can also get roof boxes of varying shapes and sizes so you will be able to find one which perfectly fits your needs. You won’t have to worry about storing it when you park your car and it won’t get in the way when you turn a corner; unlike a trailer.


If you haven’t got quite enough things to warrant buying a roof box, but you don’t want to stuff jackets and coats down by your passengers’ feet, stringing up netting could be the way forward. Attaching elastic-y netting to the roof handles in the car can provide just enough space to store some of the light but cumbersome items you will need on your trip.

Organisational storage

If you are just looking for somewhere for your kids to put their toys and games without prodding you in the back every time they reach into the seat pocket, fabric shoe holders make fantastic temporary storage space. If you hang one on the back of each of the front seats you end up with a series of ready-made pockets perfect for housing cuddly toys, crayons and games for the kids, or books and snacks for older passengers. They also keep the floor of the car nice and tidy and you can detach the whole thing once you get to your destination, rather than having to search for all of the individual items on the floor and under the seats.

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