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Info about Exide Car Batteries

08 May 2015, 07:40

Exide is a brand which has a wide variety of different battery products available. There are models available to suit almost all types of vehicle and Exide always aim to be pioneering in inventing and developing new technologies.

Exide takes inspiration from car manufacturers in order to meet their requirements and create batteries which perform best in conjunction with a wide variety of different car types. They were the first brand to introduce a Start-Stop battery in 2004, and still continue to prove themselves the leaders in this area of battery technology.

They don’t just expect their batteries to perform well when they are fully charged, but also put a huge amount of effort into making sure that their products perform well even at a state of being partially-charged. This means that customers can expect a high level of performance even when the battery is low.

Exide also have a comprehensive recycling programme. All of the elements of their batteries can be recycled and on their website they claim not only to be one of the largest lead acid battery manufactures in the world but also one of the world’s largest lead recyclers. Exide batteries are priced at the lower end of the scale and this is reflected in the fact that their guarantee only lasts for 3 years. If the make and model of your car is compatible, you can pick up an Exide battery for under £40, making it one of the more affordable brands on the market.

Reviewers and car manufacturers tend to agree that Exide batteries are the best value out there. They’re cheap to replace but still guarantee excellent performance for 3 years. Exide also have a range of batteries which are aimed especially at those drivers who need to power more than standard electrical equipment in their car.

Those with high-output stereos and other electrical devices which require high amounts of power which a normal battery cannot provide could benefit from one of Exide’s high performance batteries. All of Exide’s batteries have been approved by car manufacturers. They perform to a good standard whilst still being affordable for all drivers. They are safe to install and cater for almost all makes and models of cars.

Exide batteries have a 3 year guarantee which means that you won’t have to keep paying to replace them if something does go wrong.

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