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What is an Adjustable Tow Bar?

14 September 2015, 12:03

Tow bars come in many different shapes and sizes, and which one you should buy will depend entirely on your towing needs.

When it comes to being adjustable, it is often not the tow bars themselves but the brackets which are adjustable.

You will only need to purchase an adjustable tow bracket if you have a car with a very high road clearance. If you drive a 4x4 vehicle and you want to tow a trailer or a caravan, you might find that the tow bar on your car is positioned too high up to safely attach and tow the vehicle.

A standard tow bar will not allow for this additional height, but you can compensate for this by purchasing an adjustable tow bracket.

The tow bracket will allow you to custom set the height at which you attach your trailer or caravan to your car in order to achieve the safest and most practical towing height.

Adjustable tow brackets

Adjustable tow brackets are not that common and are not always stocked in shops which sell car accessories.

If you think that you might need to buy an adjustable tow bracket then you should check ahead of time as you might need to order one from the internet and you might have to wait for delivery.

It would be a real shame to get to the morning you are due to go away and then realise that you are missing this vital piece of kit.

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