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29 May 2015, 09:25

Energizer is a premium battery manufacturer with a reputation which is well-established worldwide. They manufacture and sell batteries which are more expensive than many of the other brands on the market.

They offer batteries to suit almost all makes and models of car and Energizer batteries are maintenance-free, just like Bosch ones.

They have a special safety lid built into every single battery which helps to protect the battery and the engine from sparks. Some of the batteries also have built in valves to help relieve excess pressure to ensure even higher levels of safety.

Energizer claims that their premium batteries recharge twice as fast as conventional batteries and that they hold their charge for longer. They are 100% spill-proof and are protected against leaks. They can resist levels of vibration which other batteries cannot and have endurance way beyond that of the cheaper brands.

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Energizer works with high-end car manufacturers to produce batteries which do everything they can to complement the high standard of design engineering which goes into creating luxury cars. Leading car manufacturers regard Energizer with a degree of respect because they develop state-of-the-art performance technology in their batteries so that they keep in line with the latest developments in other areas of the car industry. A poor quality battery in a high-performance car can limit what the car is able to do: Energizer creates batteries which ensure that this doesn’t happen.

They are more expensive than a lot of other brands on the market but they cater towards owners of more expensive cars. Whilst they do make batteries to fit older and less expensive vehicles, most of Energiser’s business comes from drivers who wish to get the very best out of their top-brand sports car.

The warranty length of an Energizer battery depends on the exact model, but reviews suggest that they almost always outlive their guarantee by a long margin. Energizer batteries are expensive, but they give an increased performance over a longer period of time. The brand name is synonymous with reliability and will continue to develop the most technologically advanced batteries possible in order to stay ahead of the game.

These batteries are well made and extremely safe. They are probably best placed in expensive, high-performance sports cars but they are not exclusively deigned for this type of vehicle. Anyone can buy an Energizer battery to fit their car as long as they are willing to part with a little more money.

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