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08 May 2015, 07:03

Bosch’s slogan is ‘‘Invented for life’ and their car batteries certainly aim to live up to this.

Bosch make batteries which will fit almost any make and model of car and a full list of which size and model of batteries are appropriate for which car can be found on their website.

Bosch batteries all claim to need no maintenance throughout their workable lifetime. This is due to a minimal level of water consumption which protects the battery from overwork and corrosion. All Bosch batteries are also equipped with twin backfire protection. This is designed to protect the battery itself from any sparks which might be produced. All batteries are also designed with a sealed battery cover which means that the acid cannot leak from the battery, even when in transit or when tipped upside down.

One of Bosch’s main priorities in the design and manufacture of its batteries seems to be to ensure that performance is not lost even when starting from cold. They seem to have worked hard to supply batteries which can perform extremely well from a cold start.

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In addition to the standard, middle price range, batteries that Bosch produces, they also have a more elite class of batteries which is designed specifically to offer a much better performance. Their new battery, the S6, is powered with AGM technology and claims to be completely maintenance free. It lives up to the company’s slogan in the sense that it doesn’t leak, no matter what position you might put it in, and it is resilient against vibrations up to a very high level.

Bosch claims that the AGM technology used in the S6 battery means that it has a service life which is 3 times longer than that of average batteries. This means that although it might seem like a large investment when compared to other batteries, it could end up saving you money in the long run as you won’t need to replace it as often.

No matter what the capacity, power or price of a particular Bosch battery, every single one is designed with practicality in mind. Specific work has been carried out in order to design the most ergonomic handles possible to make transportation, carrying, manoeuvring and installing much easier. Most Bosch batteries come with a 4 year guarantee as standard to back up the claims that they make about creating batteries which are tougher and longer-lasting.

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