Here is what you need to know about a waterless car wash

What is a Waterless Car Wash?

30 November 2015, 14:42

The three most common methods of washing your car are a bucket wash, a commercial car wash and a waterless car wash.

Comparison of the three clearly shows that a waterless car wash is the most environmental friendly – saving not only water but chemicals and energy.

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In recent years the waterless car wash has grown in popularity as car owners look to minimise the impact that washing their car has on the environment and also as water shortages become more common place in a number of countries.

A waterless car wash involves the use of a pre-mixed spray cleaner on your vehicle. There are a large number of cleaners available on the market and they come as either a concentrate mix or as a ready-to-use formula.

The majority of cleaners contain surfactants and polymers that break down the dirt on your vehicle and also leave a polish on the car. Most cleaners can be used on all exterior areas of your vehicle such as the bodywork, windows and plastic trim.

The cleaner is normally applied to your vehicle and then wiped off using a microfibre cloth before being buffed using another clean cloth to give a dry shine.

The use of a waterless car wash is only recommended on vehicles that have a light coating of dirt – ideal for keeping your vehicle clean in between a bucket or a commercial wash.

Aside from the environmental benefits, a waterless car wash allows you to clean your vehicle wherever you wish, as all you need is a cleaner and cloths – ideal when you do not have access to a water supply.

Due to the high number and diverse variety of waterless car wash cleaners on the market, it is important to fully research any product and to ensure that you always check the product for the manufacturers guidelines and instructions before applying to your vehicle.

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