Eco friendly tyres - do they exist?

Is There Any Such Thing as Eco Friendly Tyres?

20 April 2015, 14:51

Do eco-friendly car tyres exist?

The answer is yes, but there’s a catch.

Green Technology

As the 21st century progresses, an increased importance has been placed upon green technology. Beneficial to the environment and sustainable, many motoring companies such as Toyota, Nisan, BMW and Tesla have been manufacturing eco-friendly cars. These cars are deemed eco-friendly due to the reduction in their carbon emissions. This result is achieved by way of the use of specialised engines that utilise alternative ‘green’ fuels such as biodiesel. Using less petroleum than the conventional car designs, green cars also aim to keep emissions to a minimum through the use of electric power seen in hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Unspecialised non-green vehicles use crude oil. This oil is both a non-renewable source which will inevitably run out and is considered to be highly detrimental to the environment. An example of its destructive capabilities can be observed in the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster oil spill that occurred back in 2010. This spillage killed vast numbers of wildlife and destroyed natural habitats which lead to further wildlife reductions over many years to come. Returning from this negative digression, let’s answer the question all you readers are eager to see answered:

Do eco-friendly tyres exist?

The answer is yes, but there’s a catch.

Green technology is advancing faster than anyone expected it to and the technological advancements are astounding. The catch is the potential for vast amounts of profit which some motor companies may and will take advantage of. No stranger to green technology and eco-friendly motorisation, Michelin founded the first ‘green tyre’ in 1992 and has built upon that solid foundation ever since.

Observing Michelin’s latest innovations in green tyre technology, their recent designs focus mainly around sustainability which would, in turn, reduce waste. Improving their tread patterns continuously, adapting to the new green market demands, Michelin actually now provides green tyres with concealed grooves that steadily emerge over time as the tyre’s main tread deteriorates. This reduction to environmental impact can be seen in Michelin’s Tall & Narrow tyre. Consisting of a slim profile and a long diameter, this unusually proportioned tyre was specifically innovated and designed for the Renault Eolab prototype.

The tyre’s design is both light and aerodynamic, providing a great addition to the green vehicles continuously emerging each year. As for the Renault Eolab prototype, utilising Michelin’s aforementioned tyres, this ultra-economical green vehicle provides significantly lower fuel consumption; claiming to provide an enormous one hundred kilometres to just one litre of fuel.

In addition to their amazing progression, Michelin have also revealed the details of their plans to create an agricultural tyre, while also sharing their intent to utilise more recycled material when producing their eco-friendly tyre range. The agricultural tyre will supposedly increase the yields farmers achieve by reducing the pressure placed upon the terrain. Furthermore, Michelin claimed that these tyres will improve upon fuel economy by up to 10 per cent. Leading the green technology advances in eco-friendly tyres, since 1992 Michelin has created a pattern in green innovations that seemingly will continue to provide increased sustainability, performance and innovation in the coming years.

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