Make sure your air conditioning in your car is in great shape

Is Your Air Conditioning in Great Shape?

10 May 2014, 12:07

Air conditioning and climate control systems are a luxury addition to any vehicle, but they need to be maintained.

It works by a compressor cooling and drying the air before circulating it through the cabin, creating a consistently pleasant indoor climate regardless of the temperature outside. It also removes condensation from the insides of the windows on cool mornings and when it rains.

The disadvantage of air conditioning is that the temperature in the car is not constant. It easily becomes too cold. Therefore, fully automatic climate control is becoming increasingly popular, as it maintains the same temperature at all times, for example 21 or 22 degrees C, which many drivers find comfortable.

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Air conditioning systems need to be serviced

When the car is new, the amount of coolant is optimal, and the compressor operates as it should. But tiny leaks at joints and seals can cause up to 10 percent of the coolant to leak out within just one year, according to some experts.

If the system is short on coolant, the compressor will stop working and in some cases be damaged. Therefore, it is important to have the air conditioner or climate control system checked roughly every two years, so you can have the coolant topped up, if necessary. At the same time, you can have the air ducts cleaned, so any bad smells disappear.

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