Get your car ready for the summer holidays

Service Your Car Before Your Summer Holiday

Are you going on holiday by car this year? If so, we have a little checklist you might benefit from - a number of points, you can run through before setting off.


If you’re driving a long distance, be sure to check if your vehicle needs a service, or whether it’s time to change the timing belt.

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Air conditioning and climate control

It might be a good idea to check or refill the coolant, so you’re ready to deal with the summer heat, especially if it’s been a while since your last refill.


The more heavily loaded the car is, the more important it is that the brakes are working. If your brakes feel "sluggish", you should get them checked.


Do you have sufficient tyre tread for the journey you’re undertaking? If your tread is less than 3 mm, or the tyres are cracked, it’s an indication that they need to be replaced.

Shock absorbers and suspension

For long trips, with a car full of people and luggage, you may want to get your shock absorbers and suspension checked before leaving.

Servicing your car shock absorbers and suspension before climbing the hills

Hi-visibility jacket for everyone in the car

If you’re driving abroad this summer, some EU countries require drivers to carry a hi-visibility jacket with them (EN 471 class 2), whilst other EU countries require this for all passengers. Make sure you double check this before setting off.

Warning triangle

It is mandatory in France and Germany to carry a warning triangle in your car, so check if it works. In certain countries, you must have two if you are towing a camper or trailer, and in Turkey, you must have two warning triangles regardless.

Fire extinguisher

Some countries require you to carry a fire extinguisher. Among those are Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria.

First aid kit

It is also mandatory in many countries to carry a first-aid kit. Replenishing it before your journey abroad may be a legal requirement depending on where you’re going, but if nothing else could prove very useful on your travels.


If you are going into major German cities that have green zones, you must use a "Umweltplakette" (eco sticker) or " Feinstaubplakette" (particle sticker) In addition, please always remember to check before leaving, whether you need motorway stickers and environmental stickers for the countries you’re driving through.

Roadside Assistance

In case of an emergency, it’s nice to have roadside assistance sorted before you set off, otherwise if you breakdown abroad it can result in a lot of unnecessary expenditure. You should check out:

  • Whether you already have roadside assistance with your insurance
  • If not - or if the arrangement only covers mechanical failure - then check the market for roadside assistance.
  • Choose the package that suits you. There are basic packages that only give you roadside assistance in the UK. There are also packages that allow you to have roadside assistance all over Europe, transporting the car to the garage of your choice.

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