What is a Transmission?

16 November 2015, 10:26

What is a Transmission?

When it comes to a car it is probably often the case that a lot of people have heard of the transmission, but in all honesty they have next to no idea as to what it means. It is one of those terms that just sounds complicated, so people feel that it is best to avoid it at all costs.

Well, in actual fact, it is a lot easier to understand than you perhaps realise.

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The Basics

The transmission is an absolutely integral part of the car because without it you would just be sitting there and unable to move.

Basically, it is the part of the car that really connects the engine and the power it creates to the wheels in order to get the car moving.

The transmission is responsible for converting both speed and torque into power that then gets the entire car moving and its main aim is to make the engine as efficient as possible by reducing the amount of fuel consumption whilst getting the best amount of torque as this, in turn, leads to better performance from the engine and a far better driving experience.

How it works

It does all of this by using gears and gear ratios that are selected either automatically or manually by the driver.

This has an impact on the drive shaft of the vehicle and as this is connected to the engine it then makes a difference with the performance of the engine and torque levels, which is why the engine can feel as if it is lunging when you choose the wrong gear on a manual.

Of course, with a manual this is all done via the clutch which plays the role of allowing you to select the gear, which then changes the gear ratio and, in turn, alters the torque and performance level in the engine.

In other words, the transmission works by transmitting the power that comes from the engine to the wheels along the drive shaft and axle allowing you to drive the car.

As you can see, it really is an integral part of the vehicle and you can understand why any issue with gears, the engine, or the drive shaft can have a major impact on the transmission as a whole.

Getting it checked out as part of the service package is essential as your driving experience pretty much depends on it.

The key to all of this is that if you are unsure about your transmission, then either check your manual or have your car checked out by a mechanic.

It plays such a key role that any issue could turn into something major, so why take that risk?

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