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Price on air conditioning service for Peugeot

21 June 2019, 12:46

When your Peugeot needs to have its air conditioning system serviced, it is important that you choose a professional workshop that has the necessary equipment - which all the Autobutler garages have. In order to get the best out of your Peugeot air conditioning system it is important that periodic service is done on the system.

Air Con service at record price 

Your Peugeot Aircondition (AC System) loses refrigerant over time. If refrigerant levels are too low, you run the risk of the Aircon system wearing out or breaking. Book your next Aircondition Service through Autobutler.

When you create your job at Autobutler, you get written quotes for an air conditioning service or climate system. You can compare workshops and at the same time read other car owner’s ratings. You can always select your favorite workshop as one of the garage quotes you get. At Autobutler we help you in an easy and clear way to find the best garages for your needs.

How your Peugeot’s air conditioning system works

An air conditioning system or climate system are installed in most newer cars today. A climate system is a bit more sophisticated than a conventional air conditioning system and offers a number of additional benefits when controlling the temperature in the car.

Common to both systems, however, is that they must be cleaned and serviced regularly to function optimally.

An air conditioning system works in such a way that a compressor cools and dries the air, after which the air is circulated in the car's cabin.

On rainy days or cool mornings, the air circulating in the cabin helps remove dew from the inside of the windows.

At the same time, the air from the climate system or air conditioning system provides a comfortable indoor climate, whether hot or cold outside. If you find that the windows are foggy inside when the car is started, this may indicate that the air conditioning system should be serviced.

Air conditioning service - what is it about?

All climate and air conditioning systems lose refrigerant over time. If the system lacks refrigerant, the compressor will stop working and in some cases be damaged. It is usually assumed that a system loses approximately 10% refrigerant a year. Therefore, no more than 2 years should pass between a thorough service inspection of your air conditioning system. If you drive a lot in the car, it is recommended that the air conditioning system is checked every spring before the summer sets in.

When you drive to your Peugeot garage to have the climate or air conditioning system serviced, the work will include the following items:

  • Refrigerant replacement or filling.
  • Replacement of oil. The oil acts as a lubricant and ensures that the gasket in the compressor does not dry out or gets worn more than necessary.
  • The dryer, which extracts moisture and dirt from the circulating refrigerant, is checked.
  • Pollen filter is changed.
  • Cleaning the air ducts so that any bad smell is removed.

Avoid bacteria in your air conditioning system

An air conditioning system ensures cooler air in the when during summer.

After driving and using the air conditioning system, all the pipes are cold, and the summer heat will quickly cause the air to condense inside the pipes. The water from the condensation should preferably come out of the system, but often in such systems there are small pockets where the water does not disappear by itself.

In these small pockets, bacteria and microorganisms can occur. After some time, an unpleasant odor circulates in the car's cabin, and in the worst case it can cause airway issues, eye irritation, fatigue, and headache.

Therefore, if you experience odors from your climate or air conditioning system, you must purchase a special cleaning detergent. It is placed in a hot car with the engine running. Close all doors and let the cleaning process take place for at least 15 minutes.

If this is not enough, use Autobutler to get quotes for servicing of your air conditioning system.

Use air condition all year round

Many Peugeot owners do not realize that an air conditioning system can be used both in summer and winter. In fact, it's a bad idea to leave the system off all winter.

Because when your air conditioning system is not running, the lubricant is not moved. This means that the gaskets in the system dry out easily and become leaky. On the other hand, if you use the system all year round, you ensure that the system is well-lubricated and provides a comfortable and dry indoor climate in your car.

Good advice on air conditioning

If your air conditioning system does not cool, even if it is activated, then something is wrong. You should immediately contact your local garage who will quickly identify the fault by connecting an A/C operator.

To minimize the risk of bacterial formation, it is a good idea to turn off the A/C system 10-15 minutes before driving. This is especially true on hot summer days when the air conditioning system works a lot. When you switch off the system, the heat will dry out the ducts, so that no water will flow into the system.

The refrigerant is clearly the largest expense when going to a service. Therefore, be sure to check if the stated price from the garage is including coolant. There may be differences in whether the workshops provide a service as inclusive or exclusive of the refrigerant.

*The stated prices and savings are based on the garages own individual prices, from garages that are part of, which offer the service in question. The stated prices and savings are based on an average calculation of quotes for the service in question, within a radius of 50 km on jobs with a minimum of 4 quotes over a 12-month period. The average saving is calculated as the difference between the cheapest and most expensive quote, for each job on that service. The average price is calculated on all quotes obtained on jobs on the service in question. Your individual price and savings may vary depending on the car make, model, year and where in the country you want to get the job done.

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