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Brake replacement for Peugeot

01 August 2017, 12:25

On Autobutler, you can get quotes on how much it will cost having the brakes serviced on a Peugeot.

It is never a good idea to just take the car to the ‘first, the best’ garage and we also recommend that our garage portal users always obtain quotes.

Back in 2013, Autobutler conducted a price check on brake jobs, and the results showed there was up to 31% to be saved on the garage bill if one looked around and obtained more quotes.

We have calculated the average price of brake jobs for Peugeot done by garages associated with Autobutler.

Compare and save* You save on average*
£68 26%

You should be aware that this price covers all submitted quotes to all Peugeot models, so the price may differ from the quotes that you receive.

If you use Autobutler to obtain quotes, you will always receive the quotes in writing.

At the same time you get a detailed description of the task that each garage offers to perform. Paired with reading the garage's ratings from other users, it is your assurance that you can easily choose the right garage. Not just based on price but also from the nature and quality of the actual work offered.

Service of the car’s brakes

When you take your Peugeot for service, the garage usually only conducts a visual inspection of the vehicle’s brakes. This is done by the mechanic inspecting behind the rim to check how much the brake pads and discs have been worn since the last inspection.

This means the brakes are not taken apart, lubricated and re-assembled. It is therefore a good idea to get the brakes thoroughly inspected at least once a year.

Autobutler recommends that you get it done when changing from winter- to summer tires, so that you can start summer knowing that your brakes are in tip-top condition.

Brake service – what does the price cover?

A quote to get the brakes on your Peugeot serviced or replaced, will include labor as well as spare parts.

The time required may vary depending on the scope of the task. If the garage has started on a major round of servicing where the entire braking system, including all brake components and brake fluid are being changed, this will quickly add up on the bill.

Compare the different quotes and be aware about replacment of brake fluid, calipers as well as brake pads and discs that will be listed on the spare parts list.

And remember to choose a garage that has a roller brake tester. Here the mechanic can check that all wheels brake evenly.

Replacing brakes

When it is time to get the brake pads (and possibly the discs changed or serviced) depends on other variables than just mileage. If you drive mostly in the city, then you use the brakes more often than on long trips on the motorway.

Some car models have a brake indicator that wears when driving and eventually activates a warning light on the instrument panel. When lit, this indicates that the brake pads need to be replaced.

Often one can also notice that the brakes seem ‘uneven’ when braking or there is a whistling associated with slowing down.

It may also be that the brake pedal slowly but surely must be stepped further and further down until the brakes are activated. All of this indicates that it is [time to have the brakes checked].

Are you one of the motorists that do not drive your Peugeot every day, you may also find that the brakes start to corrode. When you sit in the car and start driving, you might experience a slight grating.

This is quite normal, but if the sound does not disappear after a few brakes, this may be a sign that the brakes have become too rusty and may even be jammed.

In such cases, you should go to a garage. Here, the mechanic will probably tell you that the brakes as a minimum need to be disassembled and lubricated, but probably also should be replaced.

How to reduce wear on your brakes

Many motorists drive in their cars in a way so that it wears the brakes unnecessarily. With a few changes to the driving pattern, far less wear on the brakes can be achieved.

To help you along, we have listed two pieces of advice that do not require more than a little consideration while driving, but will ultimately save you a lot of unnecessary costs on new brake pads for your Peugeot:

  • Make sure to slow down as much as possible before you need to stop. This can be done by being proactive and putting the gear in neutral or downshifting to a lower gear to decelerate, if you know you need to slow down a little further up ahead. The lower the speed the car moves, the less wear on the brakes when braking.
  • Avoid unnecessary accelerations and abrupt braking.

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