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Ford servicing

Ford Service Price Estimate

11 August 2015, 14:22

At Autobutler, you get 3 offers to compare the price of your next service, and if it is not a licensed Ford dealer, they will provide you with the same service to maintain the warranty, maybe even for a cheaper price.

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£ 140
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When your Ford is brand new it has a Ford Blue Service included, but after a couple of years you might wonder if there could be a cheaper alternative for the ordinary Ford servicing prices. As many other car manufactures, Ford is also doing a lot to keep you as a customer, with service prices quoted on their website, and a National Recommended Retail Pricing system to ensure that the Ford service price is consistent across the country. But they are still a brand that might not necessarily offer you the best price, or even the best service.

What is included in this price?

There are two different options when it comes to finding a Ford service price. You have the choice between a minor service and a major service. The minor service includes an oil and filter change, a check and top up of the anti-freeze level, brake fluid check and refill, tyre pressure check and adjustment, battery check, roadside assistance, resetting the service light and a wash and vacuum clean. The major service includes all of the checks made in the minor service plus spark plug replacement, fuel filter change for diesel cars, a full brake check, steering service, visual alignment correction and a replacement of the air filter. The Ford service price is calculated to include the price of labour and all of the replacement fluids, filters and parts which come as a standard part of your service.

Additional repairs

If your car is found to need any repairs following its service, they are not included as a standard part of the service and will therefore incur an additional cost on top of the usual service price. For example, if you are worried about the state of your tyres, the Ford service price to check them is completely free. You only have to pay in the event that they need changing. You will then be able to choose the tyre package which best suits your car and your needs.

How do I know it is time for a Ford service?

You should get your Ford serviced at regular intervals. Your owner’s manual will specify how often you should take your car to a Ford dealer to have it serviced. An oil change and a filter change are standard features of a service, so if your oil light comes on, chances are that you have left it too long between services and you should book your vehicle in for one as soon as possible. If you notice anything strange about the performance of your vehicle and it has been a while since your last service then it is a good idea to book your car into your local Ford dealership for a major or a minor service before the problem becomes worse.

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