Volvo - oil change and new oil filter

Volvo Oil Change Price Estimate

18 September 2015, 12:47

Typically, Volvo cars are recommended to have an oil change approximately every 10,000 miles.

This is often a component part of routine servicing of the car, if you find it isn’t – or you feel your Volvo needs an additional change – most garages will be able to complete this for you.

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This Autobutler price estimator lets you see the average price of Volvo oil changes completed recently though Autobutler. This average figure is calculated from actual prices charged for oil change jobs on Volvo cars.

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Some facts

Founded in 1927 in Sweden, Volvo are on one of the most well-known European automobile producers.

Famous for their commitment to driver safety, the Volvo V40 model is the safest car ever produced after receiving the highest score ever by the European Automobile Safety Organisation.

Volvo also have their own Accident Research Team, who have analysed more than 40,000 accidents since 1970.

Oil is an essential component of a properly functioning vehicle engine, it works to lubricate and cool engine parts.

These actions have the effect of maintaining efficiency as well as protecting the engine parts in the longer-term.

Regularly checking your car’s engine and having it changed when required is an important part of the maintenance of your car.

How is the cost of an oil change broken down?

Labour costs are the primary cost involved with an oil change, as with any car maintenance or repair work. In addition, there will be charges for the replacement oil and any filters that are necessary. The total cost can vary between providers so it is always recommended that several quotes are compared – remember to check any quotations against the price estimator figure.

How do I know if my vehicle requires an oil change?

Most modern cars are fitted with a ‘check oil’ light (or something similar) – this lets you know that the oil in you car needs some attention. On seeing this light lit, you should check the oil level in your car and top it up if you find it to be low – top ups can be required regularly.

You should also check if an oil change is due – this is after roughly every 10,000 miles of driving.

If your Volvo does require an oil change, there may be some additional signs.

You car may make a strange noise or shuddering motion when it first starts – this could be due to lack of oil lubrication throughout the engine.

Additionally, when checking the oil, you may notice it to be dark in colour and grainy. This can signal that your car needs an oil change, new oil is smooth in texture and a light brown colour.

If you are aware of any of these things in your car, you should have it looked at in a garage as soon as possible.

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