Clutch replacement Peugeot

Is it time to replace the clutch on your Peugeot?

03 August 2017, 08:26

On most cars the clutch operates smoothly, despite having driven several hundred thousand kilometers. It also naturally applies to Peugeot. If the car has a number of years behind it, then it is most likely that the clutch is worn and eventually will need replacing.

Autobutler has researched the average price of a clutch replacement on a Peugeot. The price includes all quotes that garages submitted to Peugeot owners via our garage portal.

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When does the clutch need replacing?

It is the vehicle's clutch that allows for a connection between the engine and the gearbox. The clutch works by having two discs press against each other and spin synchronously together.

When you step on the clutch, the two discs/gears move apart from one another. The gearbox stops providing power to the wheels and you can change gears.

When driving, the car’s clutch is used constantly, and especially in urban driving as well as slow moving or rush hour traffic, where you have to change gear continuously.

It is important the car's clutch works as it should in order for the daily drive to be a good experience.

The clutch must slide smoothly and if you notice it is making small shudders when you step on the pedal or if there is a grinding noise, then it may be a sign that it is about to become defective and needs replacing.

Clutch replacement is a standard job

You can replace the clutch yourself if you have the right tools, however it is a relatively time-consuming task, since you will have to dissemble parts of the engine.

At the garages, they are accustomed to replacing clutches and usually it is a task that is handled regularly. However, there may be notable differences in the hours used by the garages, so it is wise to gather and compare several different quotes.

Usually, the spare parts are included as more or less a fixed price, while the number of hours that the garage needs to do the job may vary.

There is no simple answer as to which garage is the best for the price. Luckily, help is available.

On Autobutler, you can find reviews from other users who have already used the garages. So make sure to always read a garage's review before you accept a quote from them.

This indicates that the clutch is worn out

  • You try to accelerate, but instead of the speed increasing, you feel that the clutch spins without traction.
  • When you start the car, it does not happen smoothly. If the vehicle shakes or shudders, this may indicate that a spring is broken or the flywheel is worn out.
  • When you step on the clutch pedal, there is noise or jarring sound. If it sounds like the gearbox is ‘grinding’, it is a sign that something is wrong.
  • When shifting gears, you should not find it difficult to press the clutch pedal all the way.
  • If you experience any of the above cases, it is very likely a sign that a clutch replacement is imminent.

How to avoid wear on a clutch

It wears less on the clutch, if you put the car in neutral when you are stationary at a red light, rather than keeping it in first gear with the clutch pedal.

Avoid filing the clutch. Always start at the lowest gear and do not use the clutch as an ‘accelerator’.

Apply the parking brakes when you park the car and set the car in neutral. This prevents the system from remaining in a state of tension. It wears the clutch, if the wind blows and causes the car to slightly rock back and forth.

Change gears wisely. Release the clutch and roll to the stop, rather than shifting gears just before traffic stops further ahead.

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