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What does it cost to change the clutch on a Škoda?

12 June 2019, 10:26

The clutch is the vital part of the car that transfers the power from the motor to the wheels. The clutch connects two or more rotating shafts and is therefore a part that is subjected to continuous wear.

Autobutler has calculated the average price of a clutch replacement in a Škoda.

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Save money when changing the clutch on your Škoda

The clutch is a part of the car that transmits the rotational force from the engine to the wheels, and technically, the clutch is connected to two or more rotating shafts from the engine and to the car's wheels.

A clutch basically consists of two parts. A clutch plate and a drive wheel. Without getting too technical, the clutch works by transmitting the power from motor to wheel when the driver does not touch the clutch pedal.

When the engine of your Škoda ignites, power is constantly generated to make the wheels turn around, but it is not always the wheels that have to turn around, and therefore the clutch has an important function.

When the clutch pedal is stepped down, a so-called pressure plate is removed from the clutch plate, which then releases the drive wheel. Now the wheels are no longer forced to turn around.

It is also the way that you disconnect the engine power to be able to change gear.

In other words, it is of vital importance that the clutch in your Škoda works optimally so that as a driver, you can keep the car idle without the engine being switched off.

Clutch replacement - Get quotes and find a good price

Are you noticing a less smooth clutch operation when you step down the pedal to change gears, or if there are small noises such as gears running against each other, then this may indicate that the clutch must be replaced.

If you are looking for a garage to inspect your Renault, then it’s good to be aware of the following:

The clutch parts do not cost the world in itself, but the work of changing the clutch takes time. The clutch is mounted on the engine block, and it is time-consuming to have the old clutch removed and the new one attached.

Therefore, the hourly rate on the garage bill is the largest item when you pay for a clutch replacement on your Renault. A good tip is therefore to obtain more quotes and especially keep an eye on the garage’s hourly rate.

How to avoid wearing the clutch down

Below you will find 5 short tips on how to reduce the wear and tear of your Škoda clutch and ultimately save money on your next garage visit.

  • Avoid using the clutch as a accelerator. The contact between the vital parts of the clutch is subject to increased wear in this way, since the clutch plate does not completely release the drive wheel.
  • Put your Škoda in neutral when the car is idle. This avoids the different parts of the clutch being in contact, and less wear on the vital parts.
  • When parking the car, pull the brake. It may sound completely wrong, but a car that is parked in the 1st gear actually wears the clutch. It happens when the wind blows on the car. A popular saying is, therefore, that by pulling the handbrake and putting the car in neutral, "the clutch relaxes" when the car is parked.
  • A quick and efficient gear shift gives the least wear on the car's clutch, and at the same time it is not necessary to change gear more than necessary. In fact, it might be a good idea to skip a gear and, for example, go straight from the 1st gear to the 3rd gear, and in the same way from 3rd to 5th gear. Such a gear shift can be achieved by a common and easy acceleration.
  • Pay attention to the traffic ahead. If you see that you will soon have to slow down, avoid speeding and changing gears. Instead, move the foot away from the accelerator and try to adjust the speed to the given situation.

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