Strut mounts

What are strut mounts?

30 March 2021, 11:47

The shock absorbers in your car help to ensure a good grip on the roads and drastically reduce the impact of road shocks. The shock absorbers are made up of a set of parts, including the shock absorber cups or strut mounts.

They are also called strut mounts or known as a shock head or suspension kit.They are attached to the body of the car, thereby connecting the body to the suspension or shock rod. They consist of a rubber stopper, a ring and a metal part making the junction with the body.

❔ How to tell if the strut mounts are faulty?

Several symptoms can indicate that the strut mounts are damaged:

  • Metallic clicks
  • Squeaking noise when turning the steering wheel
  • Sound of repeated shocks

🔧 How to test a strut mount

Checking that the strut mounts are functioning properly is fairly straightforward. Here's how to test a strut mount in just a few steps:

  • Stop the car and pull the handbrake.
  • Chock the wheels of your car.
  • Tap one of the 4 corners of your car. If after releasing the pressure, the car wobbles several times, it is likely that the strut mounts are not working correctly.

⚙️ Strut mounts and MOT

The shock absorbers ensure that your car has a good grip on the road. If the strut mounts are severely damaged, it could be considered as a major failure during the MOT and you may need to go through a second inspection.

📅 When to change the strut mounts?

You will need to replace your car's strut mounts on a regular basis. In general, the change should be done in pairs and every 100,000 km.

💸 Price of changing the strut mounts

Typically, changing a pair of strut Mounts doesn’t take more than an hour. The price of changing the cups will generally cost between £85 and £250, depending on the quality of the parts, as well as the hourly rate of the garage.

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