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What are The Shock Absorbers?

09 November 2015, 14:38

Shock absorbers are an essential part of the entire suspension system of a vehicle and without them you would have a horrible ride and also encounter a greater number of mechanical issues.

If we break them down to the absolute basic explanation, then they are hydraulic devices that work to both control and alleviate the impact caused by the movement of both the springs and suspension of the vehicle.

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Shock Absorbers

As their name suggests, they help to absorb the shock and energy that is generated by this movement and act by protecting the actual fabrication of the entire suspension system.

It is also thanks to these shock absorbers that the wheels of your car will remain on the ground as they also help to smooth out the various bumps and even vibrations that you encounter as you drive along the road.

Without them, the control over your steering would be reduced and even your ability to break and accelerate would be impacted as well.

They Include Basic Mechanics

Shock absorbers are the absolute key to your car remaining on the road. You have to remember that only a small part of each wheel is ever on the road at any given time and if you went over a bump and had no shock absorber, then the wheels would no longer be in contact with the road.

If this happened, then you can begin to understand how difficult it would be keeping control of your vehicle because how can you steer it if it is not touching the ground?

As the wheels go over these bumps, the shock absorbers help to just pin the car down as much as possible and that is why you need to have one at every wheel.

In other words, shock absorbers are an integral part of the mechanics of the car and without them you would find it almost impossible to both drive and control your car.

They are essential and that is why they need to be replaced at the first sign of there being a potential problem.

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