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What is The Suspension?

09 November 2015, 14:04

When it comes to your car, then you will have undoubtedly heard of the suspension, but there will be a number of people that are unaware as to what it really is or what it is capable of doing. However, it is perhaps easier to understand than you think.

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The Basics

If we look purely at the basics, then the suspension actually refers to a number of components that, when put together, form the suspension system. This means it refers to shock absorbers, linkages, and springs that pretty much keeps the car on the road via the wheels.

But, there is slightly more to it than just that.

The suspension system will work on using the friction that is inevitably created between the road and the wheels in order to provide you with sufficient handling and a stable form of steering which then provides those in the car with a more comfortable ride.

Without a suspension system, what would happen is that as you went over a small bump, the energy that is created would be transferred to the frame of the vehicle and, ultimately, the wheels would lose contact with the ground.

Now, this happens in a fraction of a second, but then gravity would take over and it would then force the car back onto the road and there would be nothing there to absorb the shock and energy that this motion would create. In other words, the ride would be extremely uncomfortable.

So, the suspension system involves various key components that adds to the comfort of the ride as well as improving the steering and distributing energy that is created between the vehicle and the road more evenly throughout the car. The one thing you must do is be glad that it exists or else riding in a car would no longer be as enjoyable.

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