When changing tyres, what is best?

Change Tyre on a Wheel, or Two Sets of Tyres?

09 June 2015, 14:01

When you buy a set of winter tyres, you will be faced with two main purchasing options: to buy just the tyres themselves or to buy a new set of wheels to match.

Listed below are the advantages and disadvantages of both options to help you make an informed decision about which to go.

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1 set of wheels, 2 sets of tyres – Advantages

Not buying a new set of rims will save you money when you first buy your winter tyres. They will make that initial investment more affordable. You can pay for a garage to store the tyres for you whilst you are not using them so that they don’t take up room in your house or garage.

1 set of wheels, 2 sets of tyres – Disadvantages

You will not be able to choose the width or the profile of your tyres as you will have to buy those which come in the size of your existing rims. It is also a fairly tricky process to just change the tyre and you will need to have the change done at a garage twice every year. This will add up to a considerable amount of money over the years.

2 sets of wheels, 2 sets of tyres – Advantages

You can choose which tyre you think will perform best in your particular local area and with your particular make and model of car, without having the restriction of having to fit a certain rim size. This means that you are free to choose tyres which are wider and therefore have more grip in icy, rainy or snowy conditions.

New Tyres and Tyre change

This will allow you to make the most of swapping to a winter tyre and to really get the most out of your investment. If you are not bothered about what the rims look like, they don’t have to be too costly. Changing a whole wheel isn’t very difficult to do, so you would be able to perform the swap at home on your own. In the long run this would save a considerable amount of money in mechanic’s fees. The extra added bonus is that you will have 4 spare wheels sitting in the garage all year round.

If you have a modern car which does not come fitted with a spare wheel then this could come in very handy if you wake up one morning to find that you have a flat tyre.

2 sets of wheels, 2 sets of tyres – Disadvantages

It costs significantly more to purchase the rims and the tyres than it does to just buy the winter tyres on their own. This is especially true if the external appearance of your car is particularly important to you. Alloy wheels cost a great deal more than steel ones and shelling out for 4 could set you back the best part of £100. You will also probably need to invest in a more substantial jack if you are going to change your own wheels each year; but on the plus side, this should become an easier process than just changing your tyres alone.

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