Changing oil and oil filter on Vauxhall

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04 April 2019, 10:29

The engine oil of a car has the function to lubricates and cool the individual engine parts. Engine oil also helps to ensure that the moving parts work smoothly.

As a Vauxhall owner, you can get engine oil that suits your car. Vauxhall has namely developed a high-performance dexos2™ engine oil that is suitable for both the new generation of Vauxhall models, but can also be used for earlier models.

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A characteristic of this oil is among other things that it has exceptional cleaning properties. It is important that you use the right oil for your Vauxhall. If you use the wrong oil, you risk at worst damaging the engine. If you are in doubt, then inquire at your local garage where they with guarantee will indicate what type of oil to use. This will also be stated in the vehicle's service manual.

How to check the oil level?

Modern engines today have minimal oil consumption. However, the engine burns small amounts of oil and therefore it is important that you regularly check the oil level. You do this in the following way:

  1. The car should be on level ground.
  2. Do not check the oil level on a cold engine. The oil should be warm and the engine should be turned off for at least 5 minutes.
  3. In the engine compartment you will find the dipstick, which typically have a yellow top.
  4. Pull the dipstick out, wipe it dry with a cloth or a piece of paper and then insert the dipstick back into place.
  5. Pull the dipstick once again and check the oil level.
  6. There is a minimum line and a maximum line on the dipstick. If the oil reaches just above the minimum line, you must refill the engine oil. You can safely pour a liter in the engine.
  7. Remember to always use the same oil. It ruins the properties of the engine oil if you mix two different types of engine oil.

An oil change helps in keeping your engine clean and protect it from sludge and other harmful accumulations. Vauxhall recommends that one conducts an oil change every year or after 30,000 km.

When should the engine oil be changed?

If the engine lacks oil, you will be warned about it by a warning light on the dashboard. Make sure that this does not happen, for once the light comes on it indicates that the engine lacks slightly too much oil.

A Vauxhall typically needs an oil change, after having driven 30,000 km. Many garages perform regular oil changes in connection with the vehicle’s servicing, but especially older cars where the engine uses oil, extra engine oil may need to by filled.

It is important that the engine does not have a low oil level, since that puts extra wear. It is therefore a good idea to check the engine oil level. Most manufacturers actually recommend that you check the oil level once a week or every 2,000 kilometers.

5 good tips on oil changes

  1. If you are going on a long road trip, then check the oil level before the holiday. Long journeys increase the oil consumption, so don’t start the holidays with too little oil in the engine.

  2. Always make sure to bring a can of oil on a road trip.

  3. Never mix two types of engine oil with different specifications. You run the risk of deteriorating the properties of the original oil.

  4. Do not spill oil on the engine block, as this in the worst case could cause a fire in the engine compartment.

  5. By changing oil at regular intervals, you ensure that the mechanical parts of the engine are lubricated as required. The new engine oil also helps to clean the engine and collect the dirt, which automatically accumulate in the system. When the oil over time start to contain dirt, the car's performance weakens and the engine wears faster.

How to change the engine oil yourself

As a car owner, you can change the oil in the car yourself. Below we go through how to change the engine oil on your Vauxhall step by step.

Start by acquiring the following things:

• Container for collecting the used oil
• Funnel for filling the new oil
• Hexagonal wrench or a socket wrench to loosen the drain plug
• Engine oil with the right specifications
• A pair of heavy work gloves

An engine oil is designed for a specific type of engine. Investigate which type of oil that is best suited for your car. You can read and find more info in the car’s service manual or you can ask at place you buy the oil.

If you buy engine oil online, there are online shops where you can by entering the vehicle registration number automatically receive an oil that suits your Vauxhall.

Oil change: step by step

  1. Find out where the drain plug is located under the car.
  2. Start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes.
  3. Turn the engine off and place the collection container under the drain plug.
  4. Use the socket wrench to loosen the drain plug. The oil is hot, so remember to use gloves.
  5. Screw the drain plug on again after all the oil has drained out.
  6. Remember to use a funnel when you pour new engine oil.
  7. Start the engine and leave it idling. Check that the oil does not leak from the drain plug. It may be necessary to tighten the drain plug.
  8. Change preferably the oil filter too, which helps to keep the oil clean.
  9. Dispose of the used oil at a recycling centre.

If you have neither time nor inclination, and you do not possess the right tools, then have a garage change the engine oil on your Vauxhall. Request quotes on Autobutler and get the engine oil changed on your Vauxhall.

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