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Replace the clutch on your Citroën

04 April 2019, 14:45

A well-functioning clutch provides a smooth and comfortable ride, but as your car gets older, problems may arise. The gear and the clutch are used constantly, and therefore wear and tear on this portion of the car will unavoidably occur.

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On most newer cars, the clutch will work perfectly for many years. This also applies to Citroën. But if you have an older Citroën model, it is more likely that the clutch has wear and will eventually need replacing.

It can be difficult to disclose the number of years or mileage as an indicator of when the clutch on your Citroën possibly needs to be changed. However, there are a number of indicators that you should be aware of. If you experience any of the following issues when driving your car, then it's probably a sign that time for a clutch replacement is approaching.

  1. It should not be hard to press on the clutch pedal when changing gears. If it is the case, then it may be a sign that the clutch is worn out and must be replaced.

  2. If you hear increasing or diminishing sounds from the engine (as in a normal gear shift) without touching the clutch, this is a sign that something is wrong.

  3. A gear shift should not be difficult or noisy (grinding). If this happens, take your car immediately to the garage.

  4. If you have trouble finding the clutch engagement point, and car suddenly slips out of gear, then there is a problem with the clutch.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should immediately contact your local garage. The sooner, the better. Otherwise the problems with safety will just get worse.

Save money when the clutch needs replacing

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A clutch replacement is a standard job

With a clutch replacement, it is often necessary to take the engine apart and therefore the task is often time consuming.
On Autobutler, we have previously written about how on one’s own the clutch on one’s car can be replaced.

This is, however, not a task for novices and if you have the slightest doubt, you should instead take advantage of one of the offers that you can get via Autobutler.

The garages are used to replacing clutch on many different car brands, and some garages have favorable arrangements with manufacturers of spare parts. This can obviously be seen on the bill, but where you will see the biggest difference is in the hourly rate and the total number of hours dedicated to the task.

Determining which garage is the cheapest and the best can be difficult to figure out. However, help is available. On Autobutler, you can both compare the quotes received and select the best quotes based on for example price, distance to the garage, or how well the task is described.

Clutch replacement - avoid unnecessary wear on the clutch

An impending clutch replacement may be due to the car being driven incorrectly, resulting in unnecessarily excessive wear.

Therefore, you get 4 good tips here on how your clutch is worn as little as possible.

• Avoid filing the clutch. Instead, use the clutch pedal, shift gears and then release the clutch again completely.
• Use the accelerator and not the clutch to increase the speed.
• When you are stationary, for example at a traffic light, don’t press the clutch pedal, but rather set the car in neutral and step on the brakes.
• If you are parked while the car remains in gear, strong winds could cause the vehicle to rock. And when in such a situation the clutch plate is pressed against the gear, it will wear out the clutch. Therefore, park in neutral and remember to apply the handbrake.

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