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Volvo Timing Belt Price Estimate

07 September 2015, 09:58

If the timing belt in your Volvo vehicle is needing replaced, the price estimator at Autobutler lists the average price recently paid for Volvo timing belt replacements that have been undertaken at Autobutler.

Founded in Sweden in 1927, Volvo are well-known and highly regarded for the advancement of automotive safety engineering in their models, developing the three-point safety belt and also the Side Impact Protection System.

Offering a broad range of models, Volvo enjoyed record sales of almost half a million vehicles in 2014 as they enjoyed strong growth in Europe and also China.

Through its lifespan, all vehicles require repairs and replacement parts to ensure they operate at their best. Your timing belt is a vital component in the smooth operation of your Volvo vehicle and will at some stage have to be replaced. Replacing a timing belt is a common job for most garages.

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The price estimator shown above features the average price paid for timing belt replacements on a number of Volvo models. The prices are an average of the actual prices charged for Volvo timing belt replacement jobs undertaken recently at Autobutler.

If you are looking to receive a more accurate quote for having the timing belt in your Volvo vehicle replaced, then one of the simplest and quickest ways to get a bespoke professional quote is through Autobutler.

By completing a few simple details online, you will receive three professional quotes within 24 hours from garages in your local area, allowing you to choose the quote that is best for you.

How is the cost of a timing belt replacement broken down?

The majority of the cost for replacing a timing belt is for labour hours. Due to the location of the timing belt within a vehicle’s engine, replacing it can take a number of hours. The remainder of the cost is made up of parts, such as the new timing belt itself.

Garages may also suggest replacing the water pump in your vehicle at the same time as replacing the timing belt, due to the close proximity to one another.

How do I know if I require a new timing belt?

The timing belt is an intrinsic part of your vehicle’s engine and replacing it should be done in line with the guidelines listed in your owners maintenance manual. Failure to replace the timing belt can lead to the timing belt failing, which can cause extensive damage to the pistons and valves of your engine.

If you notice a high-pitched noise when your vehicle’s engine is idle or when you are starting the engine then this could indicate a potential problem with the timing belt. If it takes a number of attempts to start your vehicle’s engine, then this too could indicate a problem. If you believe you have an issue with your timing belt then you should look to have it checked out by a professional as soon as possible.

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