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What does a hubcap do?

13 March 2021, 08:50

A hubcap, or wheel cap, has a decorative function: it is a disc (often made from plastic) that is placed on the rim of a wheel for aesthetic reasons.

ℹ️ What is the difference between rims and hubcaps?

At first one could confuse these two pieces, however, they are actually quite different.

The rim is essential: in fact, it forms the link between the tyre and the hub. It, therefore, allows the wheels of your car to turn.
The hubcap has no particular use, other than to decorate the car. It is therefore completely optional if you wish to install hubcaps on your car.

hubcap on a tyre

💧 How to clean your hubcaps

To keep your hubcaps in good condition, we recommend that you clean them regularly.

  • Rinse your hubcaps with a garden hose to remove most of the dirt.
  • Let the hubcaps dry.
  • Clean the hubcaps with a suitable product using a stiff bristle brush.

❔ How to select the right hubcaps

Do you want to install hubcaps on your car? Before making your purchase, make sure you know the features of the hubcaps you need.

Size - The diameter of a hubcap is between 13 inches and 17 inches. To check the diameter you need, look at your tyres: the last value on your tyres indicates the diameter (after the letter R).

description on a tyre

Quality - Not all hubcaps are created equal. If you want your hubcap to last a long time, choose a hubcap with a double layer of metallic paint and injected ABS (which will withstand shocks).

Material - Go for resistant materials: check that the plastic used is of good quality. Plastic that is too flexible is usually of inferior quality, but the hubcap must also have a minimum of flexibility to withstand impact.

💸 How much does it cost to change your hubcaps?

Do you have to change your hubcaps if they are broken or lost? You can change them yourself or go to a mechanic.
The price of 4 hubcaps is generally between £12 and £50, depending on the model and the quality chosen.
If you are having your new hubcaps installed by a professional, you will also need to factor in the cost of labor.

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mechanic changing a hubcap

⚙️ How to change a hubcap?

As the hubcaps are simply clipped onto the rims, it is easy to remove the old hubcaps.

  • Press down on the hubcaps to remove them.
  • Place the frame (round metal part) on the new hubcap.
  • Install the new hubcap: to do this, find the valve on the rim, and start installing the hubcap there.
  • Insert the rest of the hubcap on the rim: tap lightly on the outside of the hubcap to make it retract.
  • Once the installation is complete, check that the hubcap is securely attached: it would be a shame to lose it on the road!

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