Wheel alignment is also known as tracking or braking

What is Wheel Alignment?

21 April 2015, 09:47

Wheel alignment is also known as tracking or braking and it is the process carried out to ensure that a vehicle’s wheels are fixed into their optimum position according to their manufacturer’s specifications.

This process is provided to ensure that the tread on each wheel wears down at the same rate as the other wheels. In addition to this beneficial quick-fix, wheel alignment also improves fuel consumption as a result of reduced rolling resistance caused by unevenly worn down tyres.

An alteration in wheel alignment can easily occur in scenarios such as hitting a kerb, driving over a pothole in the road or even just due to the wear resulting from suspension and steering components. For these reasons, it is vital to regularly check for misalignment in a vehicle. There are costs involved with this but they are worth it to avoid the potential road accidents that could otherwise arise.

Additional Benefits

Premature tyre wear can often be the result of improper alignment of the wheels. Once properly aligned and the tyres wear down all at the same rate, research has provided results that indicate that wheel alignment can save thousands of miles of tyre efficiency: losing out on that vast amount of mileage ends up costing drivers a huge amount of money in the long run.

Often overlooked when displaying the benefits of wheel alignment, the act of reducing premature tyre wear actually provides the ecosystem with a greener solution. As the result of wheel alignment, tyre disposal time is increased, lesser CO2 emissions are emitted and therefore fuel economy is improved upon, saving the driver money.

When a vehicle’s tyres are misaligned, the car becomes less stable when carrying out evasive or emergency manoeuvres, such as an emergency stop. During the wheel alignment process, the car’s suspension systems are inspected which can allow the potential detection of worn parts. These worn down parts could have potentially contributed to a bad accident or simply costing a lot more money than if they were spotted earlier down the line.

Lastly, when wheel alignment is correct and the wheels are in their optimum position, a driver can easily notice a much smoother, more enjoyable driving experience as the car’s handling is also put into optimal condition.

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