Car tyres - which brands are the biggest?

Which Are the Best Car Tyre Brands?

20 April 2015, 13:25


One of the top tyre manufacturers worldwide, Bridgestone owns the Firestone brand as well as several other less-renowned economy brands. Despite their expensive tyre prices, they do provide great dry grip tyres that are widely available through the majority of both regional and national retail chains and online retailers. Alongside their speciality, Bridgestone also offers very good quality wet grip tyres for motorsport in the rainy weather. One such example would be their provision of wet tyres in the F1 races which lead to numerous excelling performances where the tyres stuck firm to the wet ground whilst reaching speeds of above 150mph.

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Competitors to Bridgestone and Goodyear, Michelin holds a place in the top international tyre suppliers in terms of sales. Like Bridgestone, their tyres are available worldwide and come with an expensive price tag. Owning the BF Goodrich brand as well as economy brands such as Riken, Michelin provide excellent dry grip tyres that provide marvellous handling. Michelin’s Pilot Sport tyres in particular have been reviewed highly. Providing both a very good wet grip alongside a brilliant dry grip, racers and drivers alike both comment on their remarkable efficiency.


On the same level as Michelin and Bridgestone, though often more expensive, Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tyre makers. Goodyear owns the well-known brand Dunlop and multiple mid-economy range brands such as the mid-range brand Fulda. As their tyres have a good balance of wet and dry grip, touring and travelling drivers tend to be more inclined to purchase Goodyear tyres. Overall, reviews on Goodyear tyres seem to be consistent in that their specialised dry grip and handling tyres are very good and slow to wear. On the other hand, Goodyear’s wet tyres have received criticism for their tendency to lack performance and grip.


The German brand Continental has an excellent reputation across Europe having also made great quality tyres under other brand names such as Viking, Uniroyal and Barum. Like the rest of the top five tyre brands, Continental’s tyres are quite expensive though not as expensive as the others. Providing superb dry grip and excellent wet grip, it’s surprising that they are not seen on the same level as Michelin, Goodyear and Bridgestone. Boasting one of the best combinations of dry grip, handling and reduced wear on-road, Continental’s ContiForceContact tyres consistently fared much better with critics than Michelin’s sport cup tyres, while actually being less expensive.


In fifth place, the Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli provides a vast range of types for all conditions and purposes. Known as one of the three top European tyre makers, Pirelli competes with both Michelin and Continental. Owning the economy tyre brands Courier and Ceat, Pirelli tyres are often as expensive as the top tyre brands Bridgestone and Goodyear. Despite this Pirelli’s array of tyres are highly sought after. Stocked by regional and national chains, online tyre fitters and independent retailers, Pirelli’s tyres suit every driver’s need and preference.

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