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10 months ago
Citroën Berlingo 2013
I have already done a review when I picked my van up I was told the oil sump wes badly caroded and was seeping and that they had topped the oil up when I returner home from work the next day the rear doors of the van compleatly covered in oil and had to put half a galon of oil in it, myself and a frein removed the cover from the bottom and descovered a pin honle caused ny somekind of tool it han been repaired no thanks to the garage that is the firt time I have put oil in that van since I got it from brand new its always been done at a sevice intervile and I will never use this service again.
about 2 years ago
Audi A3 2009
about 2 years ago
Hyundai Tucson 2006
about 2 years ago
BMW 5 2006
about 2 years ago
Paul M.
Vauxhall Ampera 2012