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  • The workshop 5.0
  • Location 5.0
  • Dialogue 4.8
  • Price 4.5
  • Work 4.5
  • Service 4.5
4 months ago
Nissan Navara 2015
The mechanic arrived on time and was super professional. The mechanic began work straight away and worked continuously until the job was complete. I would have absolutely no hesitation using this garage/mechanic again for a specific part repair/replacement. They’ve lost two star from me, simply because I paid for a ‘major service’. I watched the mechanic working on my car and he didn’t remove any of the wheels and grease all the under carriage/axles, joints etc. As a mobile mechanic when he arrived, I asked how he was going to check the under carriage of my car and he said he’d jack it up; this never happened, so my brake lines/hand brake, fuel lines and wear and tear on my exhaust system, steering column, general under carriage checks weren’t done. My gear box remained unlubricated and crunching and my clutch squeaks when I depress it. I asked him to address that and it’s still squeaking. My handbrake is still loose. When my usual garage services my car the handbrakes always tight on collection and the car rides like new. I’ve absolutely no issues with the repair the mechanic did on my car (replaced EGR valve) and all the oil and filter changes; but on this occasion following a ‘major service’ I was underwhelmed with the service I received, I had asked on 3 separate occasions what was included in a major service, but wasn’t provided with the information. I feel like I paid for a premium service for simply an oil and filters change and everything else was simply a catalogue of visual checks only. I was really disappointed in the ‘major service’ package. I’d have no hesitation using this mechanic/garage again or recommending him to friends and family for general works/repairs etc but I’d never pay for a service with them again, as it wasn’t much difference in price to what I normally pay my local garage and my car doesn’t drive like it’s had any attention whatsoever, I was so disappointed when the gears creaked, the clutch squeaked and the handbrake was loose and nothings been greased up and the car didn’t move an inch throughout the entire service from a confined single parking bay. Really disappointed.

Wellhams Automotive Services Ltd - Mobile Mechanic - Jan 19 2022

Hi Jon

Firstly, thank you for for your review. Reflecting on your concern with the Major Service our mechanic carried out on the vehicle, our major service includes all filters being changed which was completed with a full check over. As your vehicle is a jeep we did not need to jack up the vehicle as the mechanic was able to see underneath. Regarding the grease points vehicles dont tend have these anymore and as the clutches are all internal they dont have the clutch cables to grease up as they are all hydraulic.

Once again we are sorry to see your are disappointed but value your feedback.
7 months ago
Bryan H.
Ford Tourneo 2010
11 months ago
Khushhal Y.
Volvo V50 2008
12 months ago
Anthony T.
BMW X5 2005
No fault of the garage but we had to wait a few weeks for the door handle to be sprayed. Once that was complete the door handle was replaced and is working great.
about 1 year ago
Martha H.
Toyota Yaris 2018
Great that they came to my house, which made it a lot easier for me. The guys were extremely quick and efficient & was emailed a full report.