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Change of brake fluid

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Why is a brake fluid change important?

A hydraulic brake system must be well-lubricated and without air bubbles and dirt that degrade the braking effect. The brakes are a key component of the car as well-maintained and well-functioning brakes ensure your safety while you navigate through traffic.

When you press the brake pedal the brake fluid puts pressure on the brakes on each wheel, meaning in each ""corner"" of the car. It puts pressure on the brake pads, after which the speed of the wheels is lowered or stopped completely if it is pressed down long enough.

Over a certain amount of time dirt and air bubbles can get into the hydraulic fluid and it breaks down the fluid. In addition, condensed water can get into the fluid, through which it slowly loses its effect - which is an increased risk when the driver is braking hard. If you need to replace the brake fluid in your car, the mechanic will pump out the soiled fluid until the fluid is no longer brown or dirty and then refill the tank with completely new fluid.

If it has been a long time since you have replaced your car's brake fluid, a complete brake fluid change will ensure that your brakes work perfectly again. The weather in Northern Europa can be tough on most cars, so a routine check of the brakes is a really good idea - especially in regard to your safety and the safety of the people around you.

What does the replacement of the brake fluid cost?

You should check your car's brake fluid on a yearly basis or every two years, but check your service manual for how often your car and model needs it.

There are two kinds of tasks related to the brake fluid: Replacing it - the brake fluid is completely removed and gets refilled - or in relation to a service inspection where the brake fluid gets checked and then new fluid gets added.

As stated above new brake fluid mainly just gets added when you need to change your brakes or during a service check. It takes a few minutes for the mechanic to fill it up with new brake fluid.

There is also a difference in the brands of the hydraulic fluid. However, the brake fluid Dot 4 does not cost more than £10 for one liter, while other liquids can be cheaper or more expensive. Check your service manual for the optimal guidance for your car.

In general the replacement of brake fluid costs around £40, which includes brake fluid and one hour at the workshop. Use Autobutler to get 3 quotes for the job, so you can get an overview.

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