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What is the cost of a stone chip repair?

The cost of a repairing a windscreen chip is usually fairly cheap. It is handled by a mechanic with a windscreen repair kit at a reasonable price, as it is minor damage.

When should you repair a chipped windscreen?

  • When the area of the crack is larger than a one pence piece
  • If the stone chip crack is less than 5 cm away from the windscreen edge
  • If the crack is longer than 2 cm from the chip

In general, the expense for a minor stone chip repair is well spent, because it ensures the safety of your car. If a stone chip spreads the cost of a full windshield change is generally higher that the cost of the repair.

The price for the repair of stone chips is around £30 at most garages. In addition, it often takes no more than 15 minutes to fix.

If you have insurance that covers glass damages, the cost of windscreen repairs is usually covered.

What to do about a chipped windscreen

Most cars get a stone chip at some point in their lifetime. Unfortunately it is rather difficult to avoid stone chips if you often drive on highways, roads with roadworks or on other surfaces with a lot of gravel.

Even though a stone chip to the windshield is no immediate danger, it is recommended to have the windscreen checked and fixed by a garage to prevent further damage. A stone chip can be done by the mechanic for relatively little money, but you can do it yourself if you have the right equipment - for example the Halfords 3 Pen Stone Chip and Scratch Repair kit!

The most important thing is that you quickly get the chip examined so that the risk of it expanding is reduced. It is also important to make sure that no dirt or moisture gets into the small hole of the stone chip. You can therefore use a patch or a piece of tape.

If the crack starts to spread, we recommend you talk immediately to a mechanic/garage!

Are you in need of a full windscreen change?

If your windshield has to be replaced, you can get an offer for this here

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Compare quotes on: Stone chip repair - Save on avg. 20%

Price on glass repairs

On, we believe in transparency and fair prices. Below you can see the average prices for different car brands and how much you can save on comparing offers.

Make Avg. price Min - max
Audi £ 558 £ 410 - £ 670 Get quotes
Citroën £ 525 £ 427 - £ 696 Get quotes
Fiat £ 369 £ 288 - £ 419 Get quotes
Ford £ 410 £ 228 - £ 696 Get quotes
Nissan £ 438 £ 202 - £ 574 Get quotes
Peugeot £ 426 £ 208 - £ 571 Get quotes
Renault £ 337 £ 177 - £ 420 Get quotes
Vauxhall £ 390 £ 190 - £ 532 Get quotes
Volkswagen £ 431 £ 354 - £ 502 Get quotes
Volvo £ 527 £ 223 - £ 605 Get quotes

The prices are based on all quotes sent via, and may contain errors or vary. Please create a job if you would like detailed quotes for your car.

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Compare quotes on: Stone chip repair - Save on avg. 20%

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