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Car windscreen replacement

Driving with a damaged windscreen, not only hinders your driving experience! There is also legislation concerning damaged windscreens, whether cracks or stone chipped.

You can receive a fine from the police if you drive around with an illegal broken/damaged windshield. Fortunately replacing the windscreen can be a quick task for the mechanic who is used to working with auto glass providers.

A rule of thumb, is that you always make sure that the glass gets fixed immediately if there is a stone chip. This can be repaired much easier and cheaper than if the crack extends and your windscreen ends up having to be replaced completely.

There is also a security aspect in getting the windscreen repaired. The windscreen is part of the car's load-bearing structure and damage to the windscreen not only disturbs your view while driving, but it can also be too weak if the airbag is triggered and this can cause way more damage.

How much does a windscreen replacement cost?

Garages work with autoglass all the time, but the repairs vary in price and are dependent on the damage to the pane. As most car owners probably know having the windscreen replaced is more expensive than simply repairing a stone chip. It is therefore important to act on stone chips before the entire windscreen breaks. has calculated the average price of all types of glasswork and you can see a windscreen replacement price list for different car brands below.

If your insurance covers auto glass it might often be free to have the windscreen repaired for stone chips. However, if the windshield is to be replaced completely, the price increases as the difficulty and needed time for the repair increases. Check if a windscreen replacement is part of your insurance policy before going to a garage.

There are many reasons to have your windscreen changed:

  • Your windscreen is chipped
  • The windscreen has shattered
  • There are 7 or more stone chips in the windshield
  • A stone chip is too close to the edge of the window screen
  • A stone chip is too large to repair

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Prices on car glass work

The average prices and savings for the car brands shown are based on different models and years. You must therefore create a job and compare quotes to see your actual price and savings.
Make Save on average*
£131 / 21%
£130 / 19%
£112 / 20%
£194 / 24%
£89 / 23%
£97 / 24%
£175 / 18%

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