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What is the clutch pressure plate?

The clutch in your car connects two or more rotating axles coming from the engine and to the axles that make the wheels turn.
So the clutch is the part of the car that, via the differential, helps transfer torque from the engine to the wheels.
At the same time, the clutch has the function of interrupting the connection between the motor and the drive shafts so that gears can be changed. The clutch also allows the car to be still without the engine being off.
The car's clutch contains, among other things, a drive wheel and a clutch plate.
When the clutch pedal is depressed, the pressure plate is removed from the clutch plate, which releases the drive wheel. When that happens, the wheels are no longer forced to turn. This way, the engine power is disconnected and it becomes possible to change gears.

How long does the pressure plate last?

The pressure plate is therefore activated every time the gear is changed, so the service life of the pressure plate is said to be between 100,000–150,000 driven kilometres. If it turns out that the pressure plate is worn and should be replaced, it might also be worth it to have the clutch disc, diaphragm spring and release bearing replaced. You might want to change it all together as a set because you can expect the other parts to be worn as well.

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How to detect defects or wear

If there is a fault or wear on the clutch pressure plate, it can lead to an uncomfortable experience when driving the car. The car may simply lose traction, and you may find it difficult to change gears.
If noise is detected when the clutch pedal is activated, it may be due to a defective clutch system. If the pedal does not travel smoothly and evenly when stepped on, the pressure plate may need to be inspected for defects or wear.
Therefore, it is a good idea to have your mechanic inspect the clutch pressure plate if one or more of the following symptoms are detected:

  • Noises when switching on and off
  • Fuel consumption has suddenly increased disproportionately
  • The car seems to have sluggish traction and accelerates too slowly when you step on the accelerator
  • Operation seems unstable and you find, for example, that the car sputter while driving

Two reasons why the clutch pressure plate wears out

The clutch pressure plate can either become worn if the driver rests their foot on the clutch while driving, or if they grind the clutch (start at too high revs) at start-up.

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